GR Game Diary: Dead Space: Ignition

Just what is Dead Space: Ignition? Find out in the gameplay filled Game Diary before it's too late to snag this preorder bonus for FREE!

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LostTokens2858d ago

As the characters are moving, it reminds me of the style that the movie-comic rendition of "The Walking Dead" had. Kinda like those paper dolls with buttons on the joints, almost floppy limb-ish.

Koolaye2858d ago

Yeah! The effing music scares the crap out of me!! Not the necromorphs, not the atmosphere, but the music! Bah.

insertcoin2858d ago

What's up with EA using "interactive comic books" instead of actual gameplay? If this was Comix Zone or something like that, I could understand. But come on, EA, seriously?

stormeagle62857d ago

I kind of like that style. Not that I necessarily think it's appropriate here, but I usually find it entertaining.