Famitsu 9/18/07 Week: Metal Gear Solid 4

The newest Famitsu has some information on Metal Gear Solid 4, it states:

- Sunny: A female who has escaped from the grasps of the "Patriots"

- Trevin: An individual involved with weapons-laundering who can erase IDs from weapons so that they can be used again.

- Little Grey: A mysterious creature who accompanies Trevin

- Others: Meril, Jonathon, Ed, Haven Trooper, etc.

More info at the source

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s8anicslayer3837d ago

the more i hear news of mgs4 the more i can't wait for 2008,this game should be benchmark for all action 3rd person games

Trick Nolte3836d ago

I'm with you on 08. Sticking to specifics though, MGS4 is gonna kick royal ass. One of my most HIGHLY anticipated titles for next year.

HeartlesskizZ3836d ago

Weapon Features: You are able to customize weapons in MGS4, for instance, you can change the barrel of a M4A1 assault rifle and convert it into a shotgun style weapon.

Now that will own online. greaaaaaat I love it.

Skerj3836d ago

Gamespot put some of the script bits in the live Konami blog.
Sunny = Olga's daughter
Drebin/Trevin = Arms Merchant
Little Grey = Monkey.

Can't wait for the trailer tomorrow.