Sega Installs Video Games on Toilet Seats in Japanese Bars

Gaming’s legendary company Sega, has installed video games in men’s toilet seats in certain bars in Tokyo. The toilets are called Toylets includes games like: Manneken Pis, which measures the amount of urine you discharge.

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ATiElite2881d ago

Super Farticon
Mega Turd
Feces Engine
Turdboy Portable
Fecal Matter 64
Piss Crotch 360
Skid Mark 3DO
Chunky Load Entertainment System
Fartari 2600
PC (Personal Colostromy Bag)
Fecal Nemesis
Peo Geo
Pissy Boy Inpants
Whiz box 720
TinkleStation 3

SpunkyMrSpiffy2880d ago

dude, you have a lot of time on your hands. but I applaud you for taking the time amuse us. i thought you gained momentum with each name.

ATiElite2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

I had help from some drunk team mates at our Lan Party. Every round we lost we had to make up a name.
As you see Bad Company 2 was not nice to us this day.

Good thing Arma II was as the looser had to buy pizza and Beer.

headwing452880d ago

Crapbox is already taken... oh wait