Kinect hack will turn you into a Japanese superhero

Forget the games that Microsoft is releasing for their new Kinect motion accessory for the Xbox 360. None of them are really worth bothering with. Hacking the Kinect itself, though, has proven to be a game in itself, though.

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Bigpappy2882d ago

Funny stuff. Might be usefull for cartoon animations.

awi59512882d ago

lol I told you guys the kinect can see at night. And people on this site said it was a lie.

R2D22882d ago

I cant wait to see what developers like Kojima and Suda will do with Kinect.

Godmars2902882d ago

Still have to ask with more than a year lead in when non-devs are doing stuff like this; why aren't we seeing it in games now?

Mcardle2882d ago

Because developers take longer with games because they have to show something of a higher quality?

Godmars2902881d ago

So what's going to happen if the 2nd wave of Kinect don't show any of the elements these hacks are reviling?

KotC2882d ago

Kinect is realy cool on PC, wish you could do these things on a 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.