Lens of Truth Head2Head: Mass Effect 2 Analysis

We go Head2Head with both retail versions of Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Seijoru2887d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Oh boy.
Its an even tie to me with the only differences being lighting yet their staff still personally chose 360. I have the game on PC and it looks better than both and is cheaper than both. Just buy the game for whichever console you have.

SasanovaS19872887d ago

so lens of lies, have you learned anything yet?

Nitrowolf22886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I have to Say Bioware did an excellent job at porting this over. The FPS is nearly on Par if not slightly better, faster loading, and literally no screen tearing.

Also i find the Staff choice (their reason) to be a complete BS.
Here when i saw the 360 i was hoping they were going to explain with the technical and graphics arguments, but instead they go based off price???

WTF this isn't a price analysis.
I mean of course if you already own the game on a console, why should you have to buy it again?

Also big difference compared to the demo. And i have to say the lighting between the 360 and PS3 can make the game look way different (last shot first page)

LORD-PHOENIX2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

are people still stupid enough to trust lens of truth?

i trust them as much as i trust gametrailers... both have been proven to sway their videos to one side or should we say 'fix'

these untrustworthy fanboy sites are whats wrong with gaming today

Army_of_Darkness2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

It looks and plays like a 3rd person shooter with some rpg elements when it was on the 360 and you know what!? when I played the demo on the ps3, its exactly what I thought! cover. shoot. cover. shoot.... I couldn't even finish the demo cause I got bored. I had more fun customizing my character in the begining than the actual game lol!

just 2 more days til dead space 2 comes out!!! :D

Blacktric2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

What's the big deal about Mass Effect 2? Hmm, let's see.

-Great storyline and importance of the choices you make.
-Awesome characters and their development throughout the story.
-Being able to interrupt conversations in certain moments to perform paragon or renegade actions which adds more interactivity.
-Awesome soundtrack and incredibly good voice acting

Should I continue or will you take your prejudgement and leave to play the whole game and see for yourself? If you've played the whole game and didn't like it, that's fine. But both PC/360 and PS3 demos don't do justice to the whole game. It's an RPG. Don't expect to predict how the whole game is by just playing a demo.

Sarcasm2886d ago

Honestly they look the same to me other than mostly lighting differences. Although perhaps more of the screenshots favor the PS3's lighting, but in some cases the 360 had better lighting. There's not any graphical differences though.

Man In Black2886d ago

"i trust them as much as i trust gametrailers... both have been proven to sway their videos to one side or should we say 'fix'"

Haha, I remember Gametrailers' Race Driver GRID comparison, where they tried to make it seem as if the crashes were less impressive on the PS3 version.

P_Bomb2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Agreed about the price editorial which came out of left field. Seems irrelevant in a tech analysis, especially since the PS3 ME2 came with a $20.00 coupon on Amazon which negates their argument. Then a guy's talking about a subjective preference for the 360 controller and how he'd never play Mario on a system other than Nintendo (?) like he has the option. I had to double check to see if I was still on the same site, lol.

At least it's a tie and this can finally be put to bed while everyone goes home happy.

Final thought? Funny how something as commonplace as a 4GB install needed to be mentioned twice including in the final technical score, but they didn't re-asterisk the fact it's all one disc now with the various DLCs and interactive comic included. That in and of itself is a technical plus and explains the install. The 360's disc 2 install takes up 1.8 GB more than the entire 4272MB ME2 + DLC BluRay combo, and you still have to go to the XBox Marketplace and install all the DLC separately. Worth noting if you're gonna compare form and function.

morganfell2886d ago Show
Bigpappy2886d ago

Is it just me or is Maranda a great piece of work.

kaveti66162886d ago

"Lens of lies you are the laughing stock of the industry."

Let's not carried away, Morganfell.

colombiankilla012886d ago

I just watch this in 3d using the cross eye technique!!

ikkokucrisis2886d ago

Lol these vids are Boooring!

gaffyh2886d ago

How they heck have BioWare managed that? The demo on PS3 had quite a bit of screen tearing in it, and in this vid there is literally no screen tearing at all. Look pretty much identical to the 360 version too.

YogiBear2886d ago

@ Blacktric

What are demo's for then? He was simply stating his opinion. I also heard a lot of talk about the Mass Effect franchise and the little I played didn't blow my socks off.

Ju2886d ago

Its not a tie. The PS3 has the higher frame rate, zero tearing, and faster loading (with the better lightning).

Yes, and this 0.00001% makes it the better version. Like we have seen this the other way round a million times.

Come on, if you want to be consistent, that's the way this needs to go!

kancerkid2886d ago

Looks like Unreal 3 can work on PS3, with a little work by an excellent developer.

Blacktric2886d ago


Demos ARE being released for that reason. But that doesn't mean ME 2's demo have to give you a true taste of what the whole game is like. Not every game demo out there does justice to the games they supposed to represent. I'm not gonna waste my breath anymore since some people in here has an obvious bias against Mass Effect.

FanboyAndNoobs2886d ago

have you learned anything yet?

N311V2886d ago

Don't even look at the staff picks, from currently 1056 votes;

21% tie
32% XBox
47% PS3

The staff are wankers, personally I chose PS3. Crushed blacks suck, I'm annoyed they claim crushed blacks are good on XBox as the games in space!

MeanOldman2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

tell me the staff dont have it in for morg. he an that kaveti have practicly opposite agree an disagree numbers yet he is trolllin at 36 to 8? i think at this point since the votes dont count an mods decide who gets bubbles an not an who gets marked as trollin its obvious some mods jus are out to get guys like him.

evrfighter2886d ago

I don't visit LoT articles but read the comments to kill time.

Judging from all the anger and tears. The ps3 version lost?

juggulator2886d ago

The PS3 version held a higher framerate in 4 of the 6 clips but they said the 360 version maintained a higher framerate.

gamer20102886d ago

If you guys read the Digital Foundry comparison they gave the edge to the 360 version.

The lighting has been moved around, but it sometimes makes things look worse.

Digital Foundry found that the 360 had a bit of an edge in the framerate across the game.

They also reported that some effects and a few textures have been pared back on the PS3 version.

So even though Digital Foundry gave the edge to the 360 version and Lens of Truth basically said it was a tie you guys are still mad at Lens of Truth?

You guys are funny. The only thing that would make you happy is if the comparison sites would just lie and say the PS3 version of every game was better. That's the only way you would be happy.

nickjkl2886d ago

i dont get it

ps3 version uses a newer version of unreal 3 than the 360 version

shouldnt the ps3 version at least tie the 360 version and at most surpass it

the way it seems is that even with a new version of unreal they still cant get it past what was done on the xbox 360 last year and that seems stupid and dissapoints me in mass effect 3

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RankFTW2886d ago

The grammar on that website is terrible.

Biggest2886d ago

I thought only HipHopGamer used bad grammar. That's what everyone else says.

Sarcasm2886d ago

That's why Education is important still.

Lord_Doggington2886d ago

"But on the other hand, the PlayStation 3 version had zero screen tearing."

Jezuz2886d ago

this is considered news?
even if xbox 360's version was better it still isn't news
even if ps3's version is better IT STILL ISN'T NEWS

smoothdude2886d ago


I agree just get it for whatever system you own. After looking at the screen comparisons for the xBox and PS3, I saw no noticeable differences, so I just got it on sale on Steam. 15 Bucks for Mass Effect 1 and 2. You can't beat that, and the graphics are very nice.

I don't own an Xbox and never bought the game for PC before, so I wanted to play the first Mass Effect too. A very very interesting game that sucked me right in.

KotC2886d ago

So I take it by the comments above that the PS3 version didn't do so well. Isn't the PS3 version supposed to be a new engine?

jadnice2886d ago

Since this is really about which console can produce better graphics... the real lens of truth is which game if any on the 360 can compare to the physics, graphics etc of Killzone 3 for the PS3.

Its clear a game developed for 360 hardly ever works well on the PS3 (bug feast and freezing issues). This is one reason if it is multi platform I go with the best version which is the PC (my machine is a beast with a bad ass GPU) and I will invest in first and second party games for my PS3.

KozmoOchez2886d ago

negative, the comments are saying stop using lense of truth to help you decide what game to play...they are both even graphically and this analysis is pointless, just get the game for whatever system you own/prefer and stop judging games based on tiny little minor flaws that you wouldn't notice otherwise

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Vherostar2886d ago

Hmm I was expecting a tie after there last article on this game.. Lets wait for a real comparison website shall we instead of these 360 fanboys?

jpdcmo2886d ago

The real winners for this head to head are the GAMERS because they have the oportunity to play this awesome game, for manny the 2010 GOTY.

the real losers are the fanboys:

xbox360 fanboys lost one “exclusive” – ever gamer in this galaxy deserve to play this game.

PS3 fanboys dont have the “definitive version” – overall the game are the same minus the price and import ME1 data.

FanboyAndNoobs2886d ago

I agree but I think you will be awarded by many disagrees and less bubbles, because its forbidden criticize fanboys and noobs in this site (75% fanboys,20% noobs, 5% Gamers) LOL

PS3 Rules2886d ago

The real winners are the PS3 Gamers because PS3 RULES:

Better Framerate
Better Lightning
Better Audio
Better controller
Better DLC
Better Loadings
Better Miranda

PS3 Rules2886d ago

PS3 have Also:

Better Colors
Better Resolution
Better Format = only 1 blueray
Better Story = interactive comic
Better Guns = exclusive DLC
Better Polished = no missing joker menus

Ares84PS32886d ago

I can't see a differenc either other than lighting.

What I just don't understand is why was the death metal soundtrack needed??

ChrisW2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Even with all of the improvements and a new engine, Miranda is still fugly! That is... unless you're a hormone raging, prepubescent; then she's a GODDESS!!!

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RudeSole Devil2887d ago

Awesome Head2Head, I knew the PS3 Demo was an older build. I can't believe the Xbox 360 version had screen tearing.

DoomeDx2886d ago

Funny comment history RudeSoleDevil..most of them are about Lens of lies..lmao nice try

starchild2885d ago

That's funny, I never saw any screen tearing in the 360 version and I am extrmely sensitive to screen tearing. I never saw it even once. It seemed as solid and as v-synced as Uncharted 2.

NYC_Gamer2886d ago

now everyone can happy since its a tie :)

Vherostar2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

If LOT says its a tie PS3 is probably the winner..

gamer20102886d ago

No, they are just going easy on the PS3 version because they are either secretly more fans of the PS3 or they are just scared of the wrath of PS3 fanboys.

Digital Foundry said the 360 version still has the edge.

Shazz2886d ago

way too many articles about this comparison , enjoy the game

RonaldRaygun2886d ago

The game looks extremely good and performs well on all 3 platforms, and trying determine a winner based of that is really nitpicky. I would vote for the PC as the best version, followed by 360. Both these versions allow you to import your save from ME1, slightly altering the storyline and sidequests in the second one. IMO that's one of the coolest features I've seen this generation. Unfortunately, PS3 players can't use that feature until ME1 is released on it.

KozmoOchez2886d ago

PS3 has that interactive comic that takes you through the main events in ME1 and all the important choices from ME1 can be made there and will affect the rest of ME2.

Jazz41082886d ago

I feel I won as I got to play this great game on my xbox over a year ago and because I'm not biased and own all systems it will give me time this year to enjoy all the new yes new games that are coming for ps3 and good multiplats for my 360.