Nintendo's Wii-Loaded Hardcore Holiday Season

Nintendo has a choice to make. They can do what they said they would and release hardcore games and casual games, or they can change their focus and set it completely on the casual gaming market. The holiday season is coming up and by looking at Nintendo's Wii line-up, they have made their choice.

This holiday season, Nintendo is sending out a whole wave of new Wii games, and this time they're loaded with hardcore gaming goodness.

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Boink3901d ago

I've yet to see anything on the wii aside from wii sports that actually interests me.

and I'm hearing the same from more and more people...

perseus3901d ago

...with a halo 3 symbol as his avatar. Let's all say this together.

"When we don't like something, we should ignore it!"

Now say that fifty times, and you will stop caring that other people are interested in things you think are boring.

See how easy life can be when you get older?

ItsDubC3901d ago

Bubble-up Perseus. I think Nintendo's success this generation is causing all the trolls to come out of the woodwork.

If you don't care for the Wii, why even come into the Wii news section?

Snipes203900d ago

It says that Nintendo has abandoned the hardcore during early 2007. That is a lie, Nintendo as a publisher has released more games that appeal to the hardcore and they will continue with it during the Holiday season and beyond. If you want to blame someone, blame the 3rd party publishers/devs. How may good games have been made? A few: Excite Truck, Monkey Ball, Red Steel, Wii Sports, and a couple others are good. How about great, amazing games? I'll give you a hint, it isn't Tamagotchi: Party On! The only one that crosses my mind is RE4: Wii edition. As for future games, MoH Heroes 2 and Star Wars and Final Fantasy look like the only great titles. My point is that Nintendo is doing it's job, but most of the 3rd party devs are dragging the little white box through the mud..

live3603901d ago

I like the Wii a lot. Super Smash is going to be awesome!

ChickeyCantor3901d ago

"- wii is gonna die
I've yet to see anything on the wii aside from wii sports that actually interests me.

dude? what you are the console god? XD?
you sir ar an idiot.
First you say its gonna die, but then you talk about stuff that interest you and not the common people.

bootsielon3901d ago

If the Wii keeps being bought by casuals that play once or twice and then let it go, then Nintendo's hope of winning the console war is only on install base with a little attach rate. But hey, at least they're making a profit on their consoles, which is what matters to Nintendo fanboys like the one above me.

I really don't care if the Wii has an 80 million install base if it has dozens of Wii Sports clones but nothing truly compelling like Bioshock or Warhawk.

perseus3901d ago

"Wii will die without game-buying gamers"

Wii will die without people buying games. Why do they have to be "gamers"?

Rooftrellen3901d ago

Last I saw, the Wii attach rate was better than the PS3, without the talk of it being dangerously high like the 360.

This without all of the great games we're looking at for this holiday season.

In its first week, MP3 sold to 11% of American Wii owners. Imagine what happens when Mario Galxy comes out.

Nothing against Bioshock, but its not my kind of game, so I won't comment on it beyond, yes, it is a good game. I don't see what's so great about a multiplayer only game, though. I'm not spending $40 on something I'm not going to be able to play 10 years from now, and, yes, I do play games that old and older.

The Wii has something of every genre ever made and a few that will be the first of that genre. People are buying the games, and the attach rate is better or near as good as the PS3, which is amazing considering Wiis still can't be made fast enough and there are only a handful of must haves right now.

The Wii is giving us great games and people are buying them.

cooke153900d ago

There are many games im wanting on Wii in the coming months

Batallion Wars
No More Heroes
Manhunt 2
Geometry Wars
Fire Emblem
Soul Calibur Legends