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One Handed Kinect > Mouse

Botchweed: "PC gamers are usually better than their console counterparts at FPS games because they have the mouse which is a huge advantage." (Dev, PC, Tech, Xbox 360)

Agent-86  +   1683d ago
Quote from the article: "PC gamers are usually better than their console counterparts at FPS games because they have the mouse which is a huge advantage. Though now it may seem that console owners, or more specifically Kinect owners could have the upper hand."

The upper hand, really? I'm sorry, but they'll still get owned by KB/M users. Don't understand why they even try. Kinect might be able to do FPS games, but they never do them well. I play shooters for hours at a time. A Kinect FPS will be tiring, not as accurate, and using gestures to do routine things would be cumbersome plus prone to having the wrong action triggered in the heat of battle (Damnit, I wanted to switch weapons, not reload!). Why would anyone want to play a FPS like that?
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MAJ0R  +   1683d ago
yeah lets really put it to the test, Kinect player vs KB/M player in counter strike... I wonder who would win
Biggest  +   1683d ago
I wonder if Captain Kinect will come to make sense of all this? Where is Ja Rule, I mean Bigpappy?
Non_sequitur  +   1683d ago
He's probably typing a page long comment about how afraid you are of Kinect.
evrfighter  +   1683d ago
some people really want to like kinect apparently.
Bigpappy  +   1683d ago
Did some one call?!
I would say it is a very impressive tech demo that could lead to other developements on Kinect. There are many options for Kinect. Who knows what will come of this?

The head line of the article is there to get your attention. It succeeded at that. I am not here to convince you or anyone else that Kinect is better or not as good as a mouse. What I can say with certainty, is that Kinect is in fact more accurate now then when I got it 2 months ago. I am excited to see where it is going, and what comes next.
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jjohan35  +   1683d ago
One question: How do you strafe with this?

The entire 5 minute clip, I did not see him strafe side to side at all. The movements he did in the video only seem useful if you're using Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando...
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seinfan  +   1683d ago
That's how I feel about any motion controller.
ChronoJoe  +   1683d ago
I can play with an XBOX controller at much greater levels of accuracy and response speeds than any instant showcased throughout that video.

Seemed silly.
N4GAddict  +   1683d ago
I don't know about that
Incipio  +   1683d ago

*Takes deep breath*


This article is so full of wrongness and fail that I just can't believe it.

In fact, Imma make up a new word for this incorrectness.

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Chnswdchldrn  +   1683d ago
not even gonna read the article

to make such a ludicrous statement, all they want are hits

youd be a fucking fool to think any technology associated with kinect is better at FPS than Mouse and keyboard, perhaps in the future maybe something in terms of motion gaming will come along and displace Mouse and Keybo, but that aint happening for a while folks
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TardcoreGamer  +   1683d ago
Yeah. I have a Kinect and am a little skeptical about that notion. What with the response (or lack there of) and input lag that is apparent with the device(30 fps camera?). Here's hoping for Kinect2 with a possible 240htz speed or even better.
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GuruStarr78  +   1683d ago
Kinect with some type of navigation controller, might work well.......

I own a Kinect myself, pretty much for game reviewing purposes only......otherwise, I have not used it at all..

I hope we get the option to used it in conjunction with some type of "controller" in the future, as that is the only way I think it's ever going to break through to core gamers.
Pixel_Enemy  +   1683d ago
Just like Eyetoy and Move..
Chug  +   1683d ago
You'd have to be full blown retarded to believe Kinect>>> Mouse.
cereal_killa  +   1683d ago
Never go full retard man look what happen to Sean Penn.
Kakkoii  +   1683d ago
Or Sarah Palin.
Chug  +   1683d ago
blackburn5  +   1683d ago
And the jokes just keep on coming. I mean seriously? Even a Move despite it's accuracy isn't quite as good as a mouse. People are starting to let Kinect sales go to their heads and saying a lot of strange things. I would rather put my money on Move VS Mouse rather then Kinect VS Mouse. Just stop.
PotatoClock  +   1683d ago
Building up hype with BS articles for a lesser quality product than everything else avaliable?

Sounds like M$ have taken a page out of Activision's book.
hassi94  +   1683d ago
Again, while these are actually all 3rd party hacks which have nothing to do with Microsoft. Stop bashing MS for the sake of it. It's not as cool as you think.
Just_The_Truth  +   1683d ago
neither move or kinect will be as great as the mouse because you need a certain distance, lighting or and many other factors that may disrupt your gaming plus who wants to hold their hand up for hours, you can but is it better?

i have move and love it waiting to try it with killzone on the 2nd but don't think it'll be better than controller
Obama  +   1683d ago
Well they have proof which is right here

Xristo  +   1683d ago
Kinect>Mouse...lol...too funny

Only thing possibly better than a mouse is this:


Wish it were mass produced...a company is suppose to be working on it.
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Blaine  +   1683d ago

Make it wireless, remove the screen from the gun and replace it with 3D Goggles, and have the player stand on a 360-degree free-moving platform (like a treadmill, but moves at the same speed as you in the opposite direction, in every direction, so you stay on the same spot) and we're ready for the future. XD
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Blaine  +   1683d ago


Kinect <<<<<<< Dual analog <<< M&KB
2v1  +   1683d ago
yea.. every time i play kinect i drink mi milk shake!
btk  +   1683d ago
Yeah right...
Just check the specs. Not technically possible.

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