Halo 3 Shipment in the Flesh

So close and yet...

Runners at your marks.

Halo 3 has officially started arriving in stores nationwide this week. A faithful Kotaku reader risked life and job to tear open a box of the soon-to-be-on-sale Halo 3s and snap a few pictures just for Kotaku. Kotaku is, Mr. Anonymous Guy, grateful.

Hit the jump to see the pics...

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Jdash243780d ago

ahhh.........why cant it be 6 days in the future, the wait is unbearable, PLEASE SOMEONE BREAK THE RELEASE DATE!

Sangheili853780d ago

The bestbuy i work at got our first shipment.. i was so happy untill i opened it up and they were all in SPANISH!!!

I can't read it.. But cool pictures!

progx3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I'd like to know if its worth the extra $$$. Im definitely not getting the legendary edition though.

FreeMonk3780d ago

I give it 24 hours before a copy of Halo 3 is leaked onto the net for all the modded X360's to play.

If shops are receiving them now, a copy will end up in the wrong hands. I'm guessing that someone who leaks all the pirate games is a guy who probably works at Gamespot or EB Games etc.

Lucky Bastards

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