Rumour: Capcom's Three TGS Titles Revealed

Remember those three "bombs" that Game Player reported Capcom would be dropping at TGS later this week? Well they're bombs all right. Capcom's TGS page has updated to apparently reveal three Playstation 2 games will be dropped on the unsuspecting audience during the show.

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EZCheez3716d ago

Vice City Stories for the PS2! I can't wait to play that one! Sure to be AAA!

I mean, what?

Robotz Rule3716d ago

The PS2's still getting some luv after all these years:)

pwnsause3716d ago

WTF? vice city stories? we played this already, unless the japanese didnt play it yet and namco is publishing the game for rockstar to distribute it there.

Evildoomnerd3716d ago

Huge disappointment if its true....WTF Capcom?! At least unveil a next gen Megaman title, Dead Rising 2 or a Bionic Commado remake for christ sake!

Goshyujin_Sama3715d ago

this news is crap, wow capcom.....i hope this isnt all you had to bring to the table....I was expecting Monster Hunter 3 for ps3 exclusive the next gen Street Fighter title or Marvle vs. Streetfighter 3 or dalkstalkers next gen.....or freakin Strider next gen they have so much potential to own, and yet they bring this crap.....garbage.......just pure rubbish!

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