The calm after the Storm 360 vs PS3 vs Wii

JonCon88 of [email protected] talks about what is going to happen in this console war? Will the Wii triumph?? Can the 360 keep selling well even after Halo 3 finishes the fight? And can the PS3 get some good exclusives in, some AAA titles to bring over all those PS2 users?

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ATLRoAcH3898d ago

This is what I've been thinking the PS3 has one great thing about it and
that is a future with the room to expand.Maybe not now but later it will win.

Twizlex3898d ago

I love the logic of the Sony fans. They use the fact that the PS2 "won" the last generation combined with the "future-proof" PS3 and that somehow means that Sony will win again. The PS2 sold well because of price and timing (which is why it also got a lot of the games)- the main reasons why the Wii and 360 are selling well now. Both the Gamecube and Xbox were technologically superior to the PS2, but the PS2 still whooped their asses. So, why is the PS3 with it's "superior" technology somehow going to toss all that logic aside and win? It DIDN'T come out first, it DOESN'T have the games, and it ISN'T cheap by any stretch of the imagination. The article also lists Halo 3, Mass Effect, and Fable 2 as awesome 360 exclusives, and then there somehow won't be any games after that? Then he lists SOCOM, Metal Gear, and Killzone 2 as the rival awesome games for the PS3 that will only be followed by even MORE awesome exclusive games... but he doesn't list any because they don't freaking exist!!! So, by his logic, the 360 is going out of style because nobody's going to make any more good games after Halo 3, but the PS3 is going to be swimming in exclusives because... well, he doesn't say why. It will just magically happen. Okay, Sony fans, whatever you say. Play B3hind

Prismo_Fillusion3898d ago

Look at my comment below. Just know that I have never owned a Sony Playstation, PS2, or PS3. You're the ignorant fanboy.

Twizlex3897d ago

And what about your comment is supposed to lead anyone to believe you're NOT a fanboy? I really like the Jaguar XJ220 - it's a sweet car, but I don't own one and probably never will. Just because your parents won't buy you a console doesn't mean you aren't a fanboy of one.

For your information, I owned all last gen consoles - the Cube, Xbox, and PS2. I actually planned on getting all of the next-gen systems, too. The 360 was the first one out so of course it was the first one I bought... and I freaking LOVE that thing. I admit that Microsoft fudged up and the hardware craps out more than it should, but they replace it for free. The only thing that bothers me is that I wouldn't be able to play anything during the time it is away.

Then Sony started saying dumb crap like "People will buy it even if we never ship any games" (which obviously isn't very true) and "Next-gen doesn't start until we say it does." No one can deny the retardedness of those statements, and that's a big reason why the mentally blind Sony faithful are considered to be idiots. I was still planning on getting a PS3, but quite frankly, there is absolutely no reason to get one right now. All the "uber" games that you guys love to flaunt as your awesome exclusives aren't even out yet.

I played the Wii at my sister's house and it got boring after two hours. I don't see a reason to buy that at this point either because it has no compelling games for hardcore gamers. Period. The Wii is the gaming console for non-gamers, and there's significantly more of them than there are of us.

Nobody's going to release a new console in the next few years. There's no reason for it. You contradict yourself in your reasoning behind why Nintendo and Microsoft will need to do this. The PS2 is still getting a crap-ton of games released for it even though it's "in the shadow of the more powerful" PS3 and 360. And the Wii is ALREADY being embarrassed in the graphics department - next-gen graphics have already "kicked-in". PS3's "superiority" isn't going to mean squat if they don't have the games, and as of right now, well... they don't have the games. Your logic, like that of the author of this article, is anything BUT logical.

INehalemEXI3898d ago

Its going to take some price drops as well as exclusives for ps3 to surpass the competition.

The free online network is sweet though. I feel ripped off by xbl and subscription mmo's when I don't have much time to play.

power of Green 3898d ago

Sony can drop the pirce untill its not practical to do so(thats right now)its compitition will just match the moves considering another drop will even work as we see with the first $100 only did for a few weeks.

The 360 has a hell of a 2008 line-up and if fanatics must use Halo as some Xbox savior and its only hope three more Halo games are in development all in different genre's. Sure Halo games will help but theres so many action adventure games(and more) coming out next year on 360 it hurts to read people thinking the 360 will have hard times with out Halo in the Story arc we're use to.

Prismo_Fillusion3898d ago

1. He said "there" instead of "their" at least twice in that article. Where was the editing? Lame.

2. I agree and disagree with the stuff in the article. My forecast is that Nintendo continues to rake in tons and tons of money, as they have been doing since the Wii was released. However, both Nintendo and Microsoft will be forced to create new systems in just a few years. Nintendo, because once better graphics for the other systems kick in, the Wii will decline, and they'll need a more powerful system. Microsoft, because the 360 will only be a shadow of the more powerful PS3, they'll need to pump up their system too. The PS3 will continue for years after that, similar to what the PS2 is still doing now.

Race winner: Tie between Wii and PS3. Nintendo will rake in far higher profits than Sony, but Sony's profits will continue for a few extra years, without the need to try and make/sell a new system.
Loser: Xbox360. Without the innovation and casual gameplay of the Wii, and with weaker graphics (especially a couple years down the line) than the PS3, this system will ultimately place third. Microsoft may turn over a good buck though.

That said, take all this speculation with more than a grain of salt. After all, who the hell knows what the future holds?

WIIIS13898d ago

What an unintelligent Sony blog, passing off as a forecast, and worse posted as news.

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