GameZone: Crysis 2 vs. Rage

Two heavyweight shooters go head to head.

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FrigidDARKNESS2796d ago

both games are stunning and will definitely buy both.

DualConsoleOwner2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

console would be dumbed down.

Biggest2796d ago

Why is Brink the one being excluded in all of these conversations? The thought of Mirrors Edge type gameplay mixed with real FPS action is incredible to me. The skill needed to combine them both and be at the top of leaderboards while doing it is going to give a great sense of accomplishment. I don't feel the same way about camping with an invisible suit (which is bound to happen).

Pandamobile2796d ago

Both look freaking amazing and I can't wait for either.

tlarn2796d ago

They look great, sure, but I'll still rent them and play them before I make a decision.

MGRogue20172796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Well RAGE has that new MegaTexture technology.. I'm really interested in that & want to see it in action with my own eyes as soon as possible. :D

Here's a great video I found describing the tech, nice watch:

Crysis 2.. Hmmmm, Nice graphics but nothing really new, But still I wanna' play it.

x8002796d ago

crysis 2, i might get it but not too sure after what has happend, as im mainly interested to use it for the games cryengine3 if it ships with disk.

At 8:45 did he say Rages engine is coming with the game?? or am i mistaking with a differnet toolset? if yes then omg!

TABSF2796d ago

Getting Crysis 2 PC day one
Getting Rage PC day one

Both games are going to look crazy good but I think CryEngine 3 is greater than id Tech 5

CryEngine 3 - Realtime, all the time.

PC it only does everything

Hazmat132796d ago

could you deepthroat any more PC cock? lol and i see your still doing the PC it only does everything wow your soo cool.

Pandamobile2796d ago

At least it's not false advertising, like when Sony says it ;)

Biggest2796d ago

Yes, it is. PC doesn't do Wii or PS3 exclusives.

spdarksky2796d ago

Ohh..not YET..not now but it's not impossible either..EMULATORS HERE WE COME!

DeathMetal14742796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

and you like talking about cock, soo gay and uncool.

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The story is too old to be commented.