Rock Is Dead...

Until last week I was under the impression that the people saying the rhythm based music genre was dead were crazy. Of course, until last week I had only owned one rhythm based music game: the original Rock Band.

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NYC_Gamer2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

these music games get old real quick.right now dancing is making the come back real strong with motion controls.sales data proves this at the moment.

mightyboot2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I pity the many dudes that have to buy these games/acessories just to please their gal for some time.

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Commander_TK2857d ago

Agree. Just play on a real instrument instead.

Off-topic, but post-rock ftw!

DarkFantasy2857d ago

Rock band was fun but and it still is to pick up from time to time i only owned rockband 2 tho i probably played it 20 times now its just siting there collecting dust..damn i should give it a go soon just so it gets used it is fun to play when you get a bunch of friends together the horrible singing is funny XD

Vherostar2857d ago

I own GH5 and thats all I will own the guitar feels like a toy and looking at the instruments with RB etc.. they all look like toys rather than the real things.. The games do get incredibly boring after you mastered the tracks and extra tracks do not expand the life of the game.

NoobSessions2857d ago

Unlike most people on this site, I actually enjoy Guitar Hero over Rock Band.
I like the cords interface more and more comfortable with it for some reason, and solos are alot more enjoyable on Guitar Hero than Rock Band to me.
I liked Guitar Hero more before they involved drums, because the songs used to be more guitar optimized, and harder.

What really pulls me into Guitar Hero more than Rock Band is user-created content. GHTunes allow sfor anyone to create a song from a variety of instruments, and effects, and allows them to upload them for anyone to buy for FREE.
That adds longetivity to me because its epic to play the Mario theme song, or pokemon battle music, and other crazy songs on Guitar Hero.

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djcitizend2857d ago

Have to agree, I haven't touched my music games since April...

Redempteur2857d ago

i strongly disagree .. i pick up my platic guitar to play rock band regulary .. i enjoy titles like parapa or guitaroman or ouendan ..but that doesn't prevent me from enjoy a rock band with some friends ...

rock ban dis easy to pick and use thanks to the difficulty levels and extends itself thanks to the updates ... it's a entire new scale that arcade music games just can't touch ...

tenacious_b2857d ago

Thats fine, you guys go play something while I plug in my Squier in March.

awiseman2857d ago

Correction: Guitar Hero is dead
verdict: Murdured by Rock Band

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