PS3 & 360 In Top 5 Hottest Selling Gadgets On Cnet

Where do the PS3 and 360 come in at on the top 5 Hottest Selling Gadgets list on Cnet? Which one is higher on the list? Do they both make it on the Top 5 Most Wanted List?

Hit the link to find out.

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Maddens Raiders3833d ago

4. PS3
3. 360 C|NET - "MS has laid the groundwork for some serious dominance here?" 8|
============================= ===========
*Very quickly* "C|NET's Top 5 Most Wanted:


toughNAME3833d ago

they have a ranking on...sales?

cant you just look to a text document to find this out?

...this also isnt the sites opinion its...sales

ATLRoAcH3833d ago

I said it once the PS3 has a fan base that wants the console but hasn't bought it.This is probably due to the price tag and the low level advertisement scheme that Sony has laid down for the PS3.But it was #1 most wanted so I say wait till Christmas since it is just its second holiday season and my guess on this years selection will be:80gig model $499:and a new 40gig model(I'm sure you've heard whispers about)probably going for $399.With great games coming soon and lower prices Sony can win
the holiday sales for 2007.

ravinshield3833d ago

no one can beat microsoft holiday matter what rivals do this holiday is taken by xbox and you know it.

Kratosnake3833d ago

1. of course the 360 is gonna be ahead of the ps3 on the list, simply because it has more games, and most importantly ITS CHEAPER!

2. BUTTTTTT, if you look at the most WANTED list, the 360 is no even ON the list... so what do we learn?

everyone wants a PS3, its just that they can't afford it..... ARE YOU LISTENING SONY????!!!!

ravinshield3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

everybody might want it but for the blue-ray player.because if its for games then people are stup*d

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