Five Games for Five Dollars.

If your a gamer who lives on a budget it can be hard to go out every month and spend sixty dollars on a new video game. With Xbox Live Indie Games you can purchase games as low as eighty Microsoft points(one dollar).

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Sidology2514d ago

Hey, nice list! I played Shoot 1UP, but none of the others, so I will have to check them out!

Kon2514d ago

Some lame games there

xtremexx2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

what did you expect for a dollar?

NoobSessions2514d ago

What about The Impossible Game, Techno Kitty Adventure, Groov, I Made a Game with Zombies In It?

xtremexx2514d ago

you made a game with zombies in it?

maawdawg2514d ago

Groov is awesome as is Impossible game and the extra levels. Throw in ZP2KX (amazing game), Miner Dig Deep, Ulitmate Dungeon, Mega Monster Mania, Explosionade, and just about all the Radiangames catalog and for under $20 for everything listed here you can have tons of quality game time.

All of those games are worth far more than the $1 pricetag on them.

Elven62514d ago

Kind of an odd one but I recommend people at least try the demo for this game, Iredia: Atram's Secret.

It's a platformer/educational game designed to teach people about how hearing works. Judging by the ratings (none) it doesn't seem to have gotten any recognition despite being 80 MP.