80GB PS3 Now Shipping Worldwide

Success HK has today put online the new 80GB Playstation 3, the 80GB PS3 is retailing at a price of USD 549.03 (£275)

For folks in Britain thats a savings of at least £130 ($260) off the price of the console (and thats for the 60GB Version).

As always, it is recommend that you ship using airmail, it will cost around $70 or £35 and you should avoid nasty import taxes (especially if the company put sample on the box).

Remember that all PS3 Games are worldwide region free so no worries on that score and that the consoles can have the language changed to any language you want. (A Japanese or Asian PS3 will sacrifice PS1/PS2 region compatability but when the deals sweet do you really care?)

Import Consoles will only play Region A Blueray films but you will find that even in the UK the majority of films are Region Free too. The quality of Blue Ray films played at 1080 resolution is something to marvel at.

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Ahmadinejad3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Another f*ckign price cut in less than a year?? why didnt they do this 7 months ago?? This is really unfair to people who purchased it at the beginnign for £425, its an insane drop. i hoep sony are offering gifts or refunds because my flatmate is not gonna be happy when he is walking down the high street and he see this with even bigger HDD. oh well, thats what u get for impulse buying.

sorry didnt read the article properly, i was so pissed off that i thought it retails at £275, appologies

bababrooks3720d ago

when posting info like this , remember what sony did to lik-sang.

timmyrulz3720d ago

Yeah the new Price is 549 dollars and yeah it does equal around the £275 mark, but do you really think that everyone in the uk will import a ps3? if that was the case the current price is what, 599 dollars (about £300)but people in the uk are still paying £425 for one, why? because importing products is a ball ache, too much can go wrong, ps3's that arent pal are worth next to nothing when buying used, so this post is very misleading, the ps3 is not £275.00, no doubt it will be £399.00 with a couple of games chucked in

Noonetoyou3720d ago

Ps3 price just keeps on dropping, it will be wise to wait till december to buy one

sandip7873720d ago

this takes the piss. i misssed out on the bundle (2 games, bluray and extra controller) by 1 week. and now they have another price drop?
i feel like a fool for getting mine so early