Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII to be announced at TGS?


"According to Jeux-France and 2ch, Square Enix will be showing a selection of new titles at the Tokyo Game Show later this week, including Star Ocean 4, Kingdom Hearts, and Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3."

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Bigmac5733833d ago

And millions upon millions of dollars from gamers.

Evil0Angel3833d ago

will u be more inrested in a remake of GOD OF WAR 1 in ps3 or GOD OF WAR 3 IN PS3

tplarkin73833d ago

Besides, everyone assumes it's coming to PS3. Maybe Microsoft didn't spill all of their beans at the press conference?

zantetsuken3833d ago

Sony published FF VII. It's not going anywhere unless Sony says so. Similar to how MS published Gears of War.

crck3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

People already know FF 13 is coming. There is no confirmation on FF 7. Your God of War analogy isn't very good. God of War is an action game only 1 generation old. Yes the graphics would be cleaner and in HD but still roughly the same game. But a remake of a 2 generation old story driven game with possible voices for the first time is much bigger news.

tplarkin73833d ago

Resident Evil and MGS were remade for GC and they felt like the same game. I don't think you want to play a game when you know the plot and ending.

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ngg123453833d ago

Then PS3 will have a killer 2008 and 2009 year.

INehalemEXI3833d ago

look at All these rumors I cant take it no more...get er done.

jackdoe3833d ago

I would like a FF VII sequel. Endless Crisis sounds like the name of one. Maybe Sephiroth gets killed an infinite amount of times, yet still keeps coming back, hence Endless Crisis?

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The story is too old to be commented.