A "Ninja" From Sony :: One on One with Nina Kristensen

-- "GC: Surreal, would be one of the ways I would feel, too, if a game I'd been working on was about to be come part of a gamer's library.

Now, I know it is a bit early to say, but do you see a second, and even a third, game?

NK: Nothing on this front has been announced as yet, but when we first came up with the concept of "Heavenly Sword" we did write it as a trilogy -- and "Ninja Theory" would certainly be keen to see that through! Guess we'll have to see ...

GC: Well let's hope that "Ninja Theory" does see that through." --

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Maddens Raiders3867d ago

that Nariko would ever hook up with Kratos on the open battlefield? That would truly be a sight to behold.

xaphanze3866d ago

I'm buying this game when ps3 gets hacked. ;)

razer3866d ago

That's lame.. Support the dev's who work very hard to make these games. You say you will buy it once it's hacked so maybe I am confusing your statement.

This is a damn good game and worth the price of admission!

xaphanze3866d ago

yes gets hacked. I cant afford paying 70-80$(thats how much the game is around here) for a game that lasts 6 hours.

perseus3866d ago

...just ask your mommy for some money. I'm sure she'd be happy to advance your allowance. Or even better, you could work at McDonald's after school.

There are lots of ways for 14-year-old boys to get money, you could try one of those before you steal stuff.

I know, I know, I'm crazy. Get off my lawn.

Peekay3866d ago

but more so with NT - these developers have worked quite hard - close to four years! Its important to support your platform and it's developers. Where would the likes of Naughty Dog and Insomniac be without support.

PimpHandHappy3866d ago

we knew it was going to be a trilogy

i really look 4ward to the next installment! GOW3 will probally blow the doors off HS but if they bring back all the same ppl i will be all over Naiko and Kia

hope they make it happen

Bebedora3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

So lame. I got the creeps. I'll be picking up this one today. (in about 3 hours)

$80 is nothing. I get rid of that and more in a 6hr span a saturday in town.

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