Infinity Ward talks competitive CoD4: MW

GameRiot writes: "The competitive Call of Duty 2 community has been through quite a bit of change over the course of the game's two year existence, however, the past few months, christened with the cancellation of the World Series of Video Games, have left many players longing for something more than what Call of Duty 2 can offer. With the plethora of first person shooter games coming out this fall, including Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Team Fortress 2, players are eagerly awaiting the next game they will embrace and hope tournament organizers pick up for professional competition.

Of all these games, however, one stands above all others: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Many players are skeptical about the game as CoD1 and CoD2 didn't amount to any competitive significance, but CoD developers, Infinity Ward, are taking huge strides to make CoD4 the best CoD yet, with the most obvious of these the change from the World War II setting to Modern Warfare. Despite winning a plethora of awards at E3 such as Best First Person Shooter (GameTrailers), Best Action/Adventure (Game Critics Awards), and highlighted finally by Best Game (in Show) of E3 2007 (G4 TV), much of the competitive community is still quite reluctant to embrace the newest Infinity Ward title. Sparing no expense we went straight to the developers Infinity Ward themselves to talk one on one with Robert Bowling, the studio Community Manager about the competitive nature of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and what the community can expect come the release on November 5th."

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