Intel To Support Both HD-Dvd and Blu-Ray

In a major step toward bringing an end to the much-buzzed-about format war that has pitted HD-DVD technology enthusiasts against the backers of Blu-ray technology, Intel Corp.'s CEO Paul Otellini today said during the Intel Developer Forum opening keynote that the company's fifth-generation Centrino mobile platform codenamed Montevina will have native support for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray media when it launches next year.

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reaperxciv3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

it just shows they used their intel-ligence...

DJ3743d ago

Only two left to go.

WIIIS13743d ago

In other news, it was previously spammed several months ago that the format war was over and HD-DVD was dead. Apparently not.

bootsielon3743d ago

It's not like they make players. They would of course be eventually forced by the market to back Blu-ray (and they did). Microsoft, Universal and Paramount will have no choice eventually.

My bets are on both Sony and Toshiba making dual format players (Toshiba first), but Sony will keep releasing their movies only on Blu-ray. That might make them weight if it's worth it to keep making Blu-ray only players, or if Dual format players is the choice. But to them, Blu-ray only movies would be the thing that would seal the deal to force all manufacturers to keep making blu-ray players, or at least dual format players. That way they wouldn't have to pay a dime in royalties to Toshiba for players or movies.

achira3743d ago

there goes one hd-dvd supporter.

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