'Halo' not just a game for Microsoft

MSNBC Writes: "San Francisco - Microsoft Corp wants video gamers to "finish the fight" when the last chapter of its "Halo" trilogy comes out next week, but a carefully crafted merchandising strategy will make sure Master Chief lives on for years to come.

"Halo" is crucial to the success of Microsoft's Xbox video game business, which has lost billions of dollars since it was started in 2001 as a way to counter Sony Corp's growing dominance".

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Itachi3714d ago

“Halo” is crucial to the success of Microsoft’s Xbox video game business, which has lost billions of dollars since it was started in 2001 as a way to counter Sony Corp’s growing dominance".

socomnick3714d ago

Yea but is sony dominating now heck no :/

WIIIS13714d ago

Halo (1) was conceived to counter Sony's dominance. Halo 3 is released to counter the Wii.

TheSadTruth3714d ago

I didn't feel like reading the article, but I feel that Halo 3 is more than just a video game. It's the most popular game in the world, and Microsoft's entire video game division would be disbanded without the Halo franchise. Halo 3 sets the new bar for all first person shooters and is a massive step in making video games a socially acceptable norm (they aren't still).

Bnet3433714d ago

It's a game for the fans and gamers. :)

Itachi3714d ago


riksweeney3714d ago

It was going to be a multiplayer Mac and Windows 3rd person game.

Microsoft bought Bungie, made Halo into a FPS and stuck it on Xbox.

pshizle3714d ago

than bungie got bought by microsoft and then you know the story...


I don't think MS can trust Halo like that... Halo is one game, for this month, but after that? I don't think that more and more people will come to buy a 360 cause Halo 3 by the next year (or 'till Halo 4 or whatever come), more like to increase 360's sales for up to 3 months...

The problem lies on what games would continue that interest on 360? The biggest hits exclusives to 360 after Halo would be Ninja Gaiden, PGR and Splinter Cell... Sony's forseable future alone can made it easy with FF, Tekken, GT, MGS, KH, Star Ocean, etc... Just to name few of then and the most like confirmed, we still have to learn anything on God of War 3, Shadow Of The Colossus/Ico sequel, R* exclusives, etc...

And is needed to clear out that Halo is not that important to game world, just to MS gamers... It sells good in past (and will do this again)? Yes. But cause Xbox owners take that as the better game in the console (not me included, I was having funny with NG too much to seek such crappy game - but my opinion don't count, no love for the FPS genre). The problem is, if MS have any plans to take over in this generation, they better remember about those 140m people that don't give a sh!t to Halo: PS2 and GC owners....

Saint Sony3714d ago

HALO2 sells like hotcakes even now and well, especially now, but why would Halo3 NOT sell in next year? It has even better game play.

In many shops HALO2 is sold out just because people want to play the first two parts of the trilogy, there are many new people to Halo. Halo3 will sell years after it's release, it will become the most played LIVE game ever. There is going to be HUGE Halo3 community, clans, tournaments etc.

HALO3 is here to stay.

REbirth3714d ago

yeah man halo and halo2 did great...and the halo3 probably will do the same or even better! BUT do you think this game will same 360? the original xbox had 2 halos...and completely failed why this time would be dif? i think at least 80% of people who wants to play halo already has a 360...

so what bishop-br is trying to say is that x360 have a dark future after this game will be realesed...its just another FPS...

MACHone3714d ago

Halo, agree with it or not, is a console-seller. If Halo would have never existed, I seriously doubt the Xbox franchise would be where it is today. So to even imagine that Halo 3 will mark the last game in the series (excluding Halo Wars) is pretty absurd. Microsoft putting their biggest moneymaker out to pasture after only three games? Meanwhile, Mario's on his hundredth title and still going strong? We haven't seen the last of Master Chief, for better or for worse, I can guarantee you that. I remember back when MGS3 was Kojima's last Metal Gear game and Onimusha 3 was the last chapter in the "Onimusha trilogy," and we all know how those two turned out.

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