onAXIS: TGS 2007 Predictions

Well, there is a big week coming, starting this Thursday September 20, 2007 begins the biggest gaming event of the year since E3's downsizing. And when there is nearly a day before the show, you need to see some predictions from onAXIS. The predictions at the link.

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GoLeafsGo3931d ago

Ewwwwwww...KHZ is Mickey's story?
Dude, weak.

Hades13373931d ago

Sounds more like a wish list than actual predictions. They would practially fulfil every PS3 owner's wildest dreams if they were all true.

mighty_douche3931d ago

think they've gotten a little carried away there, hope i can be proved wrong tho!

im sure they are saving a few big guns for the show to try and steal some hype away from halo.

i want footage of a different killzone level!! oh and MGS demo while they're at it!