Talking About A.I.

With KillZone 2 getting criticised for its simplistic A.I. protocols during E3 by small parts of the gaming media such as 1UP (EGM), lets take a look at what they themselves averaged 9.5 in their ratings. Gears of War, an incredible game and highly accoladed yet how does its A.I. stand up?

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Meus Renaissance3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I'm not attacking Gears, which is actually one of my favourite games, but I just wanted to make the point because I'm growing frustrated with how some of these fanboys talk crap about KillZone 2 which is officially still in Alpha build.

P.S. I cant confirm the difficulty setting on this.

pwnsause3713d ago

what level difficulty is that on?

Meus Renaissance3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I don't know. I'm not sure of Gears' AI difficulty is based on the general intelligence of the characters or if it gives them a greater hit damage against you.

But it's regardless anyway. How many of those who laughed at KZ2 bothered considering the difficulty setting? This entire story is about highlighting their ignorance. It has nothing to do with Gears in reality.

sanderFVCKINcohen3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

this fruitloop had it on easy, mann. When its on insane, they are truly insanely smart...meaning they mostly wait for your ass to step out. and also on insane, they will try to out flank you, thats why I just hold my team and just pick em one by one.

EDIT: also, on insane standing there for about 2-3secs you will mostlikely be close to death, this dude is standing there for a long time.

EDIT: ALso, he didnt even have active reload and still killed em pretty easy...WOW!!!

Saint Sony3713d ago

Confirm the difficulty settings and whine after that, ok?

At least they moved in Gears, in Killzone2 they just stand there and wait for killing.

marinelife93713d ago

That video does have a pretty good point. If AI was going to act truly lifelike there wouldn't be an enemy in any game that would come out of cover unless to flank you. Games would be more challenging and last longer.

Ri0tSquad3712d ago

On insane its only difficult because they take more hits to take down and you die a whole lot easier.

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SmokeyMcBear3713d ago

thats pretty interesting. That was the main thing I kept on seeing on people talking down on the AI of killzone. They were saying its crap because the helgahst were running out from their cover and into oncoming fire.. and now I see this along with the acompanying score... very interesting.

Mike Ox Big3713d ago

You're saying the AI is dumb for being aggressive? If you weren't playing on Normal they'd have killed you

no_more_heroes3713d ago

because I like dumb AI. It makes me feel more powerful when killing them, knowing that they don't know what to do to avoid their dismal fate.

Meus Renaissance3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

If anyone bothered reading my comments, they would realise that this isn't really an issue regarding Gears as it is an issue with ignorance by fanboys and the media such as EGM and 1UP who famously criticised KZ2 for the A.I.

You all have been smart enough to ask WHAT IS THE DIFFICULTY SETTING ON yet why did no one even ask that during the discussions and accusations about KillZone 2?

That's my point.

EDIT: To the person bravely disagreeing with all my comments, that doesn't what I am saying is not true. It is and the only thing you can do about it is press DISAGREE. What a loser. I don't expect this to get approved but atleast my point was recognised.

Thank you :)

beavis4play3713d ago

this isn't an attack against gears. it's just showing that you can pull stuff out of games that looks like bad AI when the overall game is very good.
dan hsu hasn't liked killzone since the '05 trailer. in one editorial he said: "bullsh1t, there is no way kz will look that good. 2 years later he has to eat those words so now he's trying to find SOMETHING wrong or else he looks like a hack journalist. and then all these 360 fanboys jump on and don't realize they are hypocrits. but you made a good point and didn't trash any games to do it. bubbles for you.

The Wood3713d ago

bots will only ever see and hear what they want. both sides. period. We ALL know who the elite fanboys are. the info shown is for sensible people only. it wont be comprehended by fanboys. anybody who can diss ai without getting to play the game is just nit picking. eff em. difficulty settings only apply to games on your system, never the ENEMIES. what a joke. bubbles for Meus Interpretation for highlighting the obvious (for some it seems)

lets all just wait until the game is FINISHED before we overly talk it up or down

Keyser3713d ago

for bring ignorance out of the darnkess and into the light.

Bubbles for if you need them.

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