Mass Effect: Main Story 30 - 40 hours + another 20 - 30 for Side Quests

How Long

It's safe to say Mass Effect will stand proudly among the longest, most expansive games yet available on Xbox 360. But exactly how long and how expansive is the experience? Here's what Ray had to say:

"It took me about thirty to forty hours to do just the core story, and another twenty, thirty hours of uncharted worlds beyond that. I think most players will probably spend forty to sixty hours, somewhere in there … this is a big game. It's all at the same production value too. It's all consistent high-quality. I'm amazed, the team has done an amazing job."

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Evil0Angel3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

amazzzzzing graphic 30-40h only in main story (possible GOY)+20-30 in side quest =
50-70 horse and that all in DVD9 while ..... .... ..... in BR only 5hr of gameplay!!!!!!!!!!1

BIOSHOCK --than--> HALO3 -----> PGR4 -----> TF2
-----> PE2008 ----->COD4 ----->Mass Effect ----->Assassin's Creed
--->Lost Odessy
and all in one console that all i need this holiday season

ben hates you3838d ago

i'm a guy that likes to go through the games a deep as i can, so i'm looking at 70hrs gone out the window

Odion3838d ago

thats sweet to hear a nice giant epic story.

Hmmm Bioware