LOL: Microsoft Xbox tech support don't know what HDMI or Optical are

This is just totally outrageous, Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves, this guy obviously don't know what hdmi even is!! Its kinda long but its a must listen.

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Rockstar3925d ago

This support guy is hella stupid.

jay23925d ago

crist, that's insain!.

MADGameR3925d ago

Thats funny because a nintendo fanboy called 1 year ago because he had a connection problem. They don't even know what LAN is! lolz

BIadestarX3925d ago

mmmm... how can I know if this is true and not just another attempt from Sony fangirls to try to start a flamewar?

How did this guy know the tech support guy was going to have this problem before he decided to record him?

Why did it take so long for the guy to talk after he asked for the name of the caller?

He just bought Halo 3 limited edition.... Readly? Where? Halo 3 comes out on the 25th....

I have an elite so I will go on detail about how this guy wouldnt be calling support for something so obvious.

The elite comes with HDMI cable and an adapter for digtal audio..

Here is the adapter:
do you see the little black slot? nothing else other than a digital audio cable fits there.

Manual page 5 show a detailed step by step on how to connect (yes with arrows ->) cable to adapter.

Why would this fool call support and wait for who know show long when 1) the xbox 360 elite comes with the digital audio adapter....
2) There is a manual... faster than calling tech support.

I heard the recording and here is what the guy says, "If I have the optical audio cable in it actually covers the HDMI port"...

so, here is the guy problem:
He is using the wrong cable... he is using the component adapter because he didnt bother reading page 5. They guy also figured he should connect his xbox 360 elite using components and HDMI (2 video inputs) because it would give him 4D and 2200p graphics.

I think that the idiot here is the caller.

I wonder how he was able to find tech support number faster than the manual.. or better yet... wonder, "what the heck is this cable that fits find with the HDMI cable that have an optical hole???"

Panthers3925d ago

Most tech support people are idiots. This isnt trying to start anything. It is just showing how bad it can get.

risk3925d ago

"it" is calling them sony fangirls, but look whos getting their panties in a twist.

Spinitus3925d ago

oh u poor xbot, wats wrong??? u want a cookie?

SmokeyMcBear3925d ago

seriously blade.. your panties are soaking wet.. but i believe he got the halo 360, not the game, but the console itself, and it did not come with the adapter.. but yeah.. you need to calm down man, seriously

Itachi3925d ago

are you gonna write a report on every little Microsoft problem

WilliamRLBaker3925d ago

I agree with bladester:) He raises valid point, and I'd all so like to add that if microsoft is seemingly by that site the only stupid customer support is microsoft why do most customer service places suck?

He's singleing out one customer service, and his questions are more retarded then the customer service reps replies so I call fake.

mphillip493925d ago

I don't think he was trying to say that Microsoft support is bad as a whole. He just happened to be very unlucky and got someone that doesn't know what he is doing. I am a PS3 fanboy, but I did not take that conversation as Microsoft doesn't know what they are doing. I am sure that Sony has someone in their support just as bad. You need to stop thinking that everything is criticizing Microsoft. As much as I hate Microsoft, and let me ensure you that is a lot, Microsoft has some guys in their support that know what they are doing.

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Zhuk3925d ago

the people who approved this garbage are nothing but scum

jackdoe3925d ago

This is what happens when you outsource your customer service to India. Nothing special. Shouldn't even be news, but after the whole Home, Wikipedia news got approved, not surprised that this got approved as well. There needs to be tighter restrictions on who gets to approve these articles.

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