Nova Halo 3 Rap

Underground Rap Artist Nova in funny Halo 3 Rap

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Legionaire20053871d ago

The rapping was great nuff said.

Cherchez La Ghost3870d ago

It was good, but his delivery (flow) was off.

Crazyglues3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I thought it was impressive that he was actually able to rhyme to that music.... seems like it would have been much easier if it was more of a hip hop beat, but he did an amazing job for trying to rhyme on that halo theme music.

Pretty cool, I like that he kept it all halo related. Nicely done.

It's actually on the front page of Gamertag radio -

zonetrooper53870d ago

Thats pretty awesome, love the lyrics.

Mike Ox Big3870d ago

This site is flooded with much less newsworthy items everyday at least this one is funny/entertaining.

cr33ping_death3870d ago

pathetic so called rapper trying to leech off of halo......thats just sad

BADBOYEK43870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

This Guy is a True HALO Fan Listen at the Lyrics,He names People,vehicles,creatures and Maps that many Halo Fans dont know them self,He is not a Leech.

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