Disney Chief Rips Blu-ray Defectors

Disney CEO Robert Iger today criticized studios that have dropped support of Blu-ray in favor of rival HD DVD.

The AP reports that Iger today said Blu-ray's victory was a "forgone conclusion" and expressed disappointment that other studios had not joined the Blu-ray team.

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, whose Fox studio also exclusively backs Blu-ray, told the conference that his favored format offers the best picture.

"The public can tell the difference," Murdoch said, according to the AP.

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nasim3871d ago

in NA i am sure format war comes to an end with the launch of 200$ benq BD player and 399$ ps3

Boink3871d ago


they both chose to support blu-ray because of the supposed "better copy protection" that sony and the other backers promised. which seems to have worked well(not)

1080p is 1080p, doesn't matter where it comes from, and thanks to hackers, both formats are cracked/ripped beautifully and I enjoy movies from both studios in HD from the internet.

jackdoe3871d ago

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray look the same to me. I don't give a damn who wins, though I do have a slight preference for Blu-Ray as I own a PS3, because in the end, the players will be $100 and affordable.

Synex3871d ago

They will probably be cheaper than that. Look at DVD players; I got one right when they came out for $600, now you can get a decent one for $30-$40

razer3871d ago

did we back the right format?" They chose their side and now that the format isn't a slam dunk they are disappointed.

beavis4play3871d ago

that's funny, i didn't get that at all. he said they chose blu-ray because they felt it was the better format.(meaning they didn't take money to back a particular format like paramount did)
show where in the article disney says they question their decesion to back blu-ray. i think you read the article with HD-DVD glasses on.

sanderFVCKINcohen3871d ago

of course you didnt get that, you have to read between the lines mann...thats just the DL way of saying, "Oh, snaps...did we choose the right format? Also, how can the Blu-Ray be a better format, aint no difference btween em, unless you really sticking your face to the damm TV to tell a difference, but on the real who does that? Besides, HD DVD has way better sound and its cheaper to produce. Paramounts, admitted that they were payd, its just money too back em up for changeing formats, and they also said it was a better & cheaper format, for the benefit of all of us.

Snukadaman3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

man these news reporters like to spin their reports with a couple of words and you guys bite like trout. I was expecting the ceo of disney too call them idiots then being "disappointed" and about the format war was is a "forgone conclusion".

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The story is too old to be commented.