Scary amount of 'Kill Obama' levels in LittleBigPlanet 2

Hey guys, did you hear that Barack Obama is a bad president? He is such a bad president, actually! We should do something to assert our political beliefs and take a stand for what we believe in? How about we create a level in LittleBigPlanet 2 where we get to kill the president? THAT WILL SHOW HIM!

It's always embarrassing when you get a bunch of repugnant teen gamers talking about politics, but LittleBigPlanet 2 has allowed these pimply pundits to express themselves in worryingly creepy ways.

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ChrisW2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Yeah... not only that, but he's the same color as Obama. So, I guess we can't throw in the "Race" card on those politically motivated levels.

Orange2681d ago

By "race" card do you mean emails with photos of the first lady as a monkey, or do you mean emails with photos of the white house lawn sprouting watermelons?

Bloviate all you want. I realize my fellow white folks are acting racist because they hate a democrat (duly elected) as a president, and don't hate the president because they're racist. Doesn't mean the behavior is any less disgusting.

Dee_912681d ago

they are called extreme republicans :)
and should be treated like terrorist imo :/

livinwitbias2681d ago

I can guarantee you that those people that made thoses level and titled them that way are now on the CIA/FBI watch list.

Just another way to get unnecessary scrutiny added to your otherwise normal life.

Wenis2681d ago

People always say stupid shit in regards to the president. It was done with Bush, now Obama, and will continue with whoever is the next pres. Hopefully not Palin though.

ChrisW2681d ago

You could easily make a stereotypical Palin game! Just put a bunch of cross hairs on a map of America and call it "Asinine Blame." Of course, Palin is the one with the gun, and a dorky grin, shooting at the map.

FrankMcSpank2679d ago


There is no extreme republican as a stereotype. Republican or Democrat is a political party which is dominate in a certain view point. The far left liberal is refered to as a Radical, the far right conservative is a Reactionary.

Radicalism/Reactionarism can and do lead to violence, like Terrorist groups and even what happened in AZ.

Please don't slump Republicans in this as if they were bad.

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Moentjers2681d ago

I remember a certain Bill Clinton game...

MNicholas2681d ago

They're everywhere these days.

They're mostly racist white people with a smatter of blacks who are filled with self-loathing.

Only in America.

marinelife92681d ago

I am a black tea party member who has no self loathing. Nor have I witnessed any racism at any of the tea party events from whites that I have gone to.

Sounds like you've gotten your racism "facts" from the liberal media (since you use the derogatory term tea bagger).

You can criticize and hate as much as you like but most Americans would agree that if we continue to have 1.5 trillion dollar budget deficits every year eventually we're going to have to pay the piper. Which is the core of what the tea party is concern all about. Individual accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Skizelli2681d ago

How's the view from up there?

Lifendz2681d ago

Where was all this passion about the deficit when Bush was fighting an unnecessary war? Or when he sat back and watched the economy implode due to his lack of oversight?

sickbird2681d ago

haha tea baggers what a joke.

VenomProject2681d ago

I hate Obama's politics with a burning passion, I also hate his personality.

Race or creed has nothing to do with my loathing. Speak for yourself, you arrogant twat.

PrimordialSoupBase2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

@marinelife9 Maybe the tea party should be more concerned over how the tax cuts for the rich are going to be paid for which only further degrade the purchasing power of the middle class.

Maybe the tea party shouldn't be supporting the repeal of legislation that's intended to help out the common American. You want to know how they got out of the Great Depression? For two years they balanced the budget. No change. They had to spend their way out.

The middle class is disappearing, unions are being destroyed, people are settling for smaller wages while many in congress are looking to repeal the Estate Tax. How the hell does that help the common American?

syanara2681d ago

@primordial soup base

explain to me how tax cuts for the rich hurt the country PLEASE DO cause this is rich. Everyone I talk to nowadays seems to think that a tax cut/break on the rich is just going ti kill everyone so please explain this to me. I have factual evidence that a tax cut to the rich will not only lower the deficit but boosts the economy.

PrimordialSoupBase2681d ago

@syanara You mistake the Wall St. economy for the Main St. economy. By and large, the top 10 percent no longer need the common American to prosper. Corporations have gone global and really they have more vested interest abroad than they do in America. These people have no interest in investing in an economy that's in evermore dire straights. Money doesn't flow down, it stays up. We know this. Trickle down economics does not work.

Orange2681d ago


"explain to me how tax cuts for the rich hurt the country"

Deficit spending is paid for by debt...the very thing tea baggers rant and rave about. Deficit spending is created by insufficient revenue, i.e., uncollected taxes. Why is that so hard to understand?

btw, as someone who plunked down a cool mil for my pad, I have enough deductions that my high salary gets taxed at about 17%. Meanwhile, my tenants rent and pay in the neighborhood of 33% of their income in taxes. The rich pay so little as a percentage of their wages.

I really want to pay more in taxes because I believe I'm successful in a "system" paid for by taxes, not because of the pioneer spirit, or whatever the hell tea partiers think. And before we anyone drags out the Fox talking point "you have the option to pay more taxes", it's feckless to pay more as an individual, it has to be a collective act.

syanara2681d ago

@orange I'm sorry about your situation but I'm talking rich as in $250k and up anyways let me explain why you are wrong

Okay so you say giving a tax break to the rich will hurt the american people? why? you think taxes arent even collected on the rich? in new york most of the rich have to pay at least 45% of their income. and everytime new york rasises taxes on the rich, more rich leave the state to somewhere else that is less taxing. (hence the reason New York and California are losing money).

Tax breaks to the rich have helped the american people ALMOST EVERYSINGLE TIME IT HAS OCCURED. This is because the rich can do one thing that the middle and lower classes can not do, MAKE JOBS. when the rich get a tax break, they find that they have more money and mor eoften then not, use this money to create jobs. weather you directly see it or not. when someone buys a million dollar yacht then the yacht people are put to work. that is just an example of a unseen usage of rich tax cuts but most of the rich are buisness owners. they are rich because of their buiensses and their buisness makes them rich. you want more american jobs? cut tax cuts for the rich. not lets move on to step 2, if more people have jobs, then more people can spend money am I right? these people go out and buy things, then more people are selling things, and more people are making money. and when more people make money, more people pay taxes! TA DA the government makes more money.

now that the rich are opening more jobs because they have more money. their buisnesses can expand to create even more jobs. jobs that can open for the poor. the poor can then make money instead of getting from the government and boom the poor get richer. and the government saves more money.

Now where is the proof , the factual evidence that this would happen? well lets look at jimmy carter. he put the misery index up so high! in fact the misery index average under carter was 20.27 for those of you who don't know, misery index is calculated as unemployement + infltion. so carter rung it up to 20.27 WOW that is alot. infact that was during a bigger ressecion than the one we have now! yep true fact. look it up.

syanara2681d ago

@ orange
Continued from last comment

Now how could we have gotten out of the big resscession? two words, TAX CUTS. to be more pecise, for the rich! Regan was able to lower the defecit and get the misery indexto average down to about 11.19. "but syanara look at all the spending under reagan!" you see this question I like! Regan had a largely democratic congress that did not always agree with him. it was surpriseing he was able to get the tax cuts he wanted pass. but remember that this was during the ending years of the cold war.

now here is another pop fact. Soviet russia and communisim didn't fall apart on its own by magic. A lot of it had to do wit the US outspending russia on defense programs like STAR WARS and I don't mean the movie! This is where all the spending came from under reagan and guess what, it worked. the coviet union fell under reagans presidency and everything kept spinning after the Tax cuts.

So why was ( I say was because I think the obama might be changing his tune buty who knows) Obama spending us out of debt? well I believe it is because he thinks that is what got us out of the great depression. He believes that the 2 new deals worked. sadly to say he and any textbooks that say otherwise are wrong. World War 2 got us out of the great depression by creating all sorts of jobs to support the War effort.

So thats the history lesson for today.
remember if you want to check any of my facts be sure to look up the heritage foundation and the Federal reserve websites. ALSO it is a certified fact with the federal reserve records that government income rose during the early to late 80's same time as regans presidency.

so yea that is all

Fat Bastard2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )


You must not know much about economics. The US runs a current account deficit, meaning our trade balance is negative. Along with a current account deficit comes a financial account surplus. That means these foreign countries have more invested in the US than the US does in the rest of the world. For example, the money we pay to European companies for certain imports is invested in the US economy because the European companies run a current account surplus. So no, corporations have not invested more abroad than they have in America.

And orange, deficits aren't created by insufficient revenue. They're created by stupid pork barrel spending on dumb shit, which is a sick part of politics. If we really want to cut the deficit we need to be wiser in our spending. Increasing taxes in our economy's currently weak form would be stupid. Now my personal belief is that everyone should be taxed equally unless you're below the poverty line, but you can't just continue to raise taxes because there aren't sufficient funds to pay for stupid shit like the 'bridge to nowhere'

f7897902681d ago

May I remind everyone this is supposed to be about games, not American politics? Stop arguing pointlessly.

Dee_912681d ago

yea its weird how bush obv. cheated to get in office but obama is getting more hate

you gotta love america

syanara2681d ago

@this thread

I am very sorry for kinda making this more about politics then it needed to be but being part of the Tea Party I kind of find it offensive when somebody calls me a Tea bagger or directly insults my political views.

again I am very sorry.

Horny Melon2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )


Unfortunately you are wrong. Tax cuts for the rich has not translated in to jobs. Bush's taxcuts freed up almost 1.5 trillion dollars. 3/4 of that was invested over seas for Bush's total run as president there was a net LOSS in jobs. Actually the teaparty called themselves teabaggers when they first came out. It wasn't until they became aware of what teabagging is that they changed their name to teaparty. And sorry I think poorly of tea party members as all I ever hear out of them is fox news talking points that have been thoroughly debunked over the past 30 years.

DuneBuggy2681d ago

A hardy thumbs up to:
Fat Bastard
As for the other comments off of MNicholas post...I'll just agree to disagree with you.

Orange2681d ago


You have a bizarre, myopic perspective on history.

"Tax breaks to the rich have helped the american people ALMOST EVERYSINGLE TIME IT HAS OCCURED."

Your assertions don't make this so.

For being close to the bottom rung of the food chain, tea partiers certainly seem to have an incredible grasp for the cause and effects of history. The economy under Reagan rebounded due to its cyclical nature.

Why won't tea partiers listen to the few of the wealthy class who are willing to speak the economic truth? When Warren Buffett and members of Bill Gate's "Giving Pledge" publicly come out in favor of higher taxes on the wealthy to give back to a system that makes them wealthy, why should anyone consider you (or Freedomworks more precisely) more of an authority on the subject?

Where'd you get your degree in global economics, by the way?

MysticStrummer2681d ago

@Lifendz - Those who are all up in arms over the deficit now are just conveniently forgetting about the previous 8 years, along with the FACT that the cost of the wars Dubya got us into were not even figured into the budget at that time. Obama won't win again most likely, not because more Republicans will vote against him, but because less Democrats will vote for him. He has continued many of Dubya's mistakes after running on a platform of change. This whole "repeal Obamacare" thing is pretty comical once you realize that it's largely the same plan conservatives put on the table in the early 90s when the evil Clinton was in charge. The U.S. is in a downward spiral, and has been for a looooong time, through Presidents from both parties. Nothing will change until people wake up and see that they are two sides of the same coin. Divide and conquer... that's what's happening. Go to Google Videos and watch a documentary called "The Corporation" if you want to see exactly what's wrong with the world today, but be prepared to get depressed because it ain't gonna get better anytime soon. I don't believe a revolution is even possible anymore.

FrankMcSpank2679d ago

What I find so funny about you Bush bashing, Obama lovin, Fox news hating Liberals, is that America is in shambles and barely making it, and a group of libs and conservatives created a party to stand up for the basic American freedoms and you call them terrorists. I live in Europe now and I can see why our US dollar is worthless. I have never met a liberal who had the integrity to stand up against his/her own party for the sake of what is right, until the tea party, and you kids come out from your Xbox/Mtv generation and fight against everything that is right. America is in shambles, and you are hurting. But instead of changing the game, you cry to the gov't for money that it doesn't have to pay for the things you shouldn't of bought in the first place.

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Lifendz2681d ago

Hope the Secret Service looks into some of these people. It's one thing to voice your disapproval of the job he's done and it's another to suggest that someone kill him.

syanara2681d ago

Agreed, I may not like his policies, but those levels go way too far. Besides, I like obama, he seems like a cool guy to have a beer with ya know.

JsonHenry2681d ago

Pfft. I remember the slew of anti Clinton/Bush games as well.

Nothing new to see here folks.

Dee_912680d ago

yea maybe they did get just as much hate
i was just young to remember and really didnt giv a shit

only difference now is im old and i can remember .. but i still dont giv a shit

marinelife92679d ago

A couple of things. One Bush's largest deficit was 400 billion (endorsed and added to by a democratic congress). 700 billion in tarp was added to that deficit of which Bush only spent half of on the bank bailout and the tax payers received all of that money back in 2009. Obama got to spend the other 350 billion. Obama's first budget deficit was 1.4 trillion dollars, next one 1.5 trillion (for 2011 they never even proposed a budget because the democrats wanted to avoid the criticism there still isn't a 2011 budget).

Tax cuts pay for themselves (See Texas or Florida). Less money paid in taxes means more immigrant individuals and business are attracted to operate in your country (all other factors being somewhat equal). Tax increases have the opposite effect (See California, Illinois, New York). That's the reason why whenever a tax increase is proposed the government (state local or fed) never gets the full amount of income that is projected. People who pay the most taxes (and are typically the most mobile) leave and they take their money with them leaving the poorer people to heft the burden.

Everyone learns this philosophy in Econ 101. Keynesian economics (which we just tried with the 800 billion dollar stimulus package) have failed to show results either during the New Deal during the great depression (13 years of recess and depress) or today as the world economies are still in the tank despite many countries spending money to try to "stimulate".

But again the opinion of the Tea Party (and I think you can disagree without calling names) is that we are spending way to much money as opposed to what we are bringing in and that eventually there are going to be very bad ramifications. If we allowed individuals and institutions to be personally responsible for what they do other won't have to suffer for the bad decisions made by a few.

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fantasygamer2682d ago

Hopefully these people will be permabanned from PSN. LBP is a place for fun and imagination not this garbage.

kaveti66162682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Freedom of expression.

I don't agree with it. But banning someone's level because it offends you is the dumbest thing you can do. I'm amazed you got 11 agrees.

Amazed and scared.

Edit: Who are you to decide whose opinions are right and whose are wrong? Someone above said that a George Bush assassination level would make more sense.

Sure, keeping opinions to yourself is great when you know nobody agrees with you.

oli2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

your right, we got freedom of speech. but lets not abuse it bro, some opinions are better kept to yourself.
im no one, and neither are you or anyone on n4g.

Sarcasm2682d ago

So if someone made a level about killing babies and torturing humans in sick and sadistic ways is ok, because it's freedom of expression right?

Or how about someone makes a level about killing jewish people in the holocaust, but its okay right, it's freedom of expression.

Or how about someone takes a picture of your mom and makes an entire level about how to jizz on her face, but that's okay it's freedom of expression right?

You see, typically freedom of expression involves standing for what you believe in. Such as from Martin Luther King. But when it's flat-out offensive and downright despicable, "freedom" of expression goes out the door.

You could argue again, a white guy goes into a black neighborhood and calls everyone N*****. Freedom of expression will get his @$$ killed.

oli2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

@ sarcasm
good way to put it man
you need help dude, no one would ever do something like that about my mom without me giving them an ass-woopin. that isnt freedom of speech, its ignorance at its purest

kaveti66162682d ago

"So if someone made a level about killing babies and torturing humans in sick and sadistic ways is ok, because it's freedom of expression right?

Or how about someone makes a level about killing jewish people in the holocaust, but its okay right, it's freedom of expression.

Or how about someone takes a picture of your mom and makes an entire level about how to jizz on her face, but that's okay it's freedom of expression right?"


kaveti66162682d ago

Hey, you guys can say or think whatever you want.

I'm just glad none of you are in politics and have no major say in constitutional rights.

If I were to report you guys for being offensive and someone actually removed your comment, you would bitch and moan, right?

You guys are hypocrites, but you're allowed to be that way, because you have been given the right to be.

LukaX232681d ago


Freedom of expression by making levels about killing the president of the USA?

People like you make me sick.

RankFTW2681d ago


The only thing that you're freely expressing is that you're a dick.

Armyntt2681d ago

Freedom of speech/expression is one thing. But there is still a fine line here. You definitely dont ban anyone. IF so then you should stop directors from making movies because he made one where the president was assasinated.

Pedobear Rocks2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Freedom of speech and expression does not apply on a private network (psn) run by a private sector company (Sony). Just sayin.

If you TRULY knew anything about the constitution and 'politics' it would be scary that you think private companyies on their own networks should be told what can and cannot be posted.

Lannient2681d ago

@kaveti6616 Lol man please...freedom of speech my ass. In a more serious situation that might have worked, but this is LBP, and LBP isn't the place for this kind of crap, regardless.

Oxymoron0282681d ago

"freedom of expression"

Yeah but the games aimed at Children, would you want your children playing games where they were set to kill a president and exposed to biased political undertones?

Remember how in the first game all the levels with sexual content were deleted?

Oxymoron0282681d ago

I like how I got a disagree for pointing out that the game is aimed at children and so the removal of this content is just.

TheLastGuardian2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Can't people just stick to killing Justin Beiber levels?

GarandShooter2681d ago

Kaveti is correct about freedom of expression, but incorrect about its application. Pedobear nailed that one.

I don't agree with an immediate permaban as fantasygamer espouses, but would expect a warning from MM/Sony with severe repercussions on any second offense. Also, with PSN being free, Sony will need to ban the PS3, not just the account of the offender or another will simply be made.

Sarcasm is also incorrect. There is nothing in the constitution of the United States that grants you or guarantees you the right to not being offended by the dumb shit that comes out of the mouths of some assholes, or insulates you from their idiocy It's one of the unfortunate side effects of living in a free society.

Plenty of idiots agreed with the moron who posted that those levels should have been about George W Bush. I guess it's not so offensive if you harbor hatred towards the individual yourself. How mentally fucked up are we when we can't apply the ideal of decency equally across the board?

Lastly, I hope people who come across those levels report them to MM and MM acts swiftly to pull them down. I agree there is no place for such hatred in LBP.

brolik862681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I wonder what most people here would have said if LB2 came out 4 years ago during the bush admin. and these same leves came out. Pretty sure most f you would be fine and less than offended...justsayin#

^^^GarandShooter beat me to it lol.

GoGoGadge72681d ago

Um no.

It is against the law to threaten the President's life.

Whether someone has the intent, or is making the impression, this is deemed as illegal behavior.

Especially a level that makes it an objective.

This kind of shit does not belong here. I hope they get banned from PSN.

Vaud-Villian2681d ago

I guess the chains of censorship come in the tool box of creation.

If they can make a game about the Chilean miners, they can make this. Besides it's the most cartoonish medium possible for some harmless dissent. I'm more offended at the scum that resort to the racism card because people criticize their mediocre at best president.

Bloodraid2681d ago

Okay; since none of you seem to be mentally capable of comprehending what is meant by 'Freedom of Expression', I'll post what it means here. Your ignorance sickens me.

"Freedom of Expression [Wikipedia]"
Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation, or both. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

gam3fr33k2681d ago

I'm pretty sure more people are glad YOU'RE not in politics. You would probably justify the shooting in Arizona as freedom of expression and let the guy off the hook

No Way2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

It's no longer freedom of 'expression' if they consider it a threat.
I can't go onto a plane and say I wanna jack this shit, to a pilot,
And expect to get away with it, even with the freedom of speech.

Vaud-Villian2681d ago

Yet you can jack a plane, car or boat at will in GTA. Just cause you cannot do it in real life does not mean you can't in a game.

Hell, you can jack a vehicle in lego star wars and it shares the same rating as this game.

user83971442681d ago

My friend freedom of expression ends whenever you express harm to another person and might induce other people to follow you.

Shuklar2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

You do not have freedom of expression on a privately owned server. These people can be banned for breaking the ToS, either the PSN one, or the LBP one.

Go ahead and make offensive levels all you want. Just understand the consequences if you decide to share them.

kaveti66162681d ago

What I see here is a failure to comprehend.

People's views on what is appropriate expression vary from culture to culture.

In the UAE, a lot of videogames with violence and sexuality are banned, such as God of War 3 and Mass Effect 2.

But we come from a different culture where violence and sexuality are common ways to make a film or novel or game appealing and we see no problem in it.

In Germany, games like Dead Space are banned for being violent, and we are angry that they would do such a thing.

In California, the legislators want to place a ban on the sale of violent video games to minors, and we are outraged by this.

Now, because of this level about killing US President Obama exists, you guys are outraged because of your political views.

There shouldn't be a double standard. I'll point out again the poster above who said it made more sense to make a level where you kill Bush. Before his comment was deleted, he received many more agrees than he did disagrees.

Most of the games we play involve killing human beings. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Modern Warfare 2 (No Russian level), Killzone, Halo, etc.

When conservatives try to blame videogames for violence, we vehemently deny these claims.

Expressing violence in video games is not something that we see as being wrong. We're just manipulating pixels.

If the guy actually went out and killed a human being, then he'd be breaking a law.

But this Obama Assassination level, which is admittedly crude, is not something that should be censored just because it doesn't agree with your politics.

I felt like a lot of the posters on N4G were trying to label me as being something that I am not. I am not a sick person. I don't need mental help right now, although who doesn't need a little mental help once in a while?

The person who made this level was expressing his opinions, and that's what this game is all about. Suddenly, people are telling me that this game is for children and this kind of stuff doesn't belong in the game.

Now we have to limit the possibilities of LittleBigPlanet because children are playing?

That seems wrong to me.

If this was a "Kill Osama bin Laden" level, how many of you would have been offended? In some countries, bin Laden is seen as a freedom fighter. There are different views of people in different places.

The only good argument against what I was saying about freedom of expression, is the fact that this content is on PSN. Sony can decide what they want on their servers.

All the other claims made against me, to make me seem evil, mentally ill, or inhuman are all invalid.

You guys should value your rights. In America you can say anything you want about the president. You can make fun of him and criticize him. It seems so normal to be able to do that. But in other countries, such as China, criticizing a political leader will land you in jail or house arrest, and you may disappear from the face of the Earth, with no record of you ever having existed.

Vaud-Villian2681d ago

Your delusional if you think this is a valid threat or even really the president. This is the president as a charicature, a cartoon character whom feels the brunt of social, economical frustration by the creator in a slapstick commentary.

People did not get in trouble for burning an effigy of george bush 5 years ago in real life protests. It is free speech, but it is also a private server so MM can use their own discretion but lets not claim this is something new, isolated or even remotely criminal.

Bloodraid2681d ago

No; you idiot. He would not. If you're seriously dumb enough to not know the difference between a game and real life, you deserve to be put into a padded room.

There is a HUGE difference between 'killing' an impersonation of a person, and going and actually killing it.

Who was worse? Karl Marx or Adolf Hitler? Both wrote about exterminating the Jews, but Hitler actually took action and attempted to exterminate them.

The correct answer, according to your dumbass logic, is both. THAT is what sickens me.

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Rainstorm812681d ago


the fist comment was removed for spam... i guess it isnt freedom of speech

ImmortalLegend2681d ago

I thought people on PSN were supposed to be more mature? This just shows you that any online service is going to have its fair share of idiots.

No Way2681d ago

It's funny how that works, isn't it?