Halo 3 Opening Cinematic

The opening scene from Halo 3 has made its way out, and while it doesn't necessarily contain any spoilers, those who do not wish to be spoiled the first time they start the campaign should tread away. For those who wish to see it, here it is in all it's glory!

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BigRedSpartan3737d ago

Can anyone find or post a link to a non-game related website, including youtube, my company's IT blocks some of these sites. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

VirusE3737d ago

enjoy it rocks

"then they must love the smell of bad @ss"

The BS Police3738d ago

"Why do you always Jump?!"

Funny but very true.

SaMiR1113738d ago


Honeal2g3738d ago

i will admitt that i tought the graphics werent gonna be amazing ..just smooth "high rez" halo2 which even if it were i would still love the game. But DAMN thats the ingame engine? wow good job bungie!

SuperSaiyan43738d ago

I seen it before though, watched a friend on Xbox Live play that game whilst on video chat through another 360 lol and the graphics are pretty damn good!

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The story is too old to be commented.