Driving Force GT Review (Gameplaybook)

Want the ultimate steering wheel for Gran Turismo 5 without putting a dent in your wallet? Logitech may have just what you need.

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memots2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Why would it be a bit late?

How long ago did the game come out? couple of weeks..

Sheesh people the game just came out and its already old new and too late to have some peripheral to play it?

.. Damn kids with their 15 seconds attention span with their damn music ... GET OFF MY LAWN

Bounkass2681d ago

Late, because the wheel is out for quite some time now. It came out pretty much the same time as GT5P. They could've reviewed the wheel earlier... When people still wanted the DFGT. Now they all want the G25, G27 or the T500RS... No use reviewing the DFGT at this time...

Marceles2681d ago

Game has been out a couple of months, wheel has been out for almost three years.

Wh15ky2681d ago

I've had this wheel for over 2 years, so yeah... a bit late!

GrandTheftZamboni2681d ago

It's not late for me. I've only had it for few weeks.

BABY-JEDI2681d ago

I'm still chasing down my wheel. Not late for me LoL.

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ian722681d ago

I have had this wheel/pedals for about 18 months now and it works brilliantly with GT5/GT5p. It also works with nearly all PS3 driving games and PC games. Very accurate steering and great force feedback.
It's well made. I have used it for many, many hours and its still going strong.
Got it from Amazon around 18 months ago and it was only £60. Been worth every penny.

RedDead2681d ago

I should've got it instead of the G255, for one, I don't use clutch and stick, 2 I don't play Gt5 anymore, it would have been about 50 cheaper to get the DF:GT

redwolf2681d ago

stupid thing is its more expensive now and almost out of stock everywhere for a decent price

sashimi2681d ago

Been rocking this bad boy since i got GT5 and now i cannot use the DS3 anymore for GT5. Only way to play GT5!

Xbox360PS3AndPC2681d ago

Wow, 2 Years Late, Guys I Will Now Review Gta IV & Review The PS2

Fatal Blow2681d ago

I have this and its great

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