57 Things We Know Because We Game

Who says video games can't teach you anything useful? names 57 bits of wisdom that anyone can pick up simply from playing video games.

Here are five from the 57:
1. When you're about to beat someone in a fight, they will rapidly flash between red and their normal skin tone.
7. The best way to open a container is to destroy it.
17. Eating mushrooms can make you grow taller. Eating flowers let you shoot fireballs out of your hand.
32. Most cities, though appearing large, are composed of small alleys and single streets blocked off at both ends by garbage, fences, cars, or mysterious invisible barriers.
33. 90% of all doors are completely fake. They're just painted onto the wall.

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B Man3932d ago

I love the 90% of all doors are fake one. It should also say "Also, the larger the game world, the higher that percentage is."

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