Nintendo France confirms The Last Story in Europe

Nintendo France has just made a statement about the release of The Last Story in Europe. And it sounds "good" indeed it risks to take some time...

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RedDead2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Can you not just do an international version with subs!? Why doesn't any Asian company do that?

Natsu892885d ago

Why not port it to another console? It won't sell as good as on other platforms, sad but true.

Yi-Long2885d ago

... which is logical, considering Ive been saying the exact same thing for years now.

Just release it with the original language plus english subs. And just include the english subs already DURING the original writing/production, so you don't have to do it afterwards!

It's just amazing how studios don't choose that easy option.

Ow, and if TLS is released as a dubbed-only version, than I won't be buying it, that's for damn sure.

I want the original language.

Baka-akaB2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

@natsu89 .

According to sakaguchi , nintendo was pretty much the co-developper of the game .


Yup in such cases i just buy the japanese version , and then use an undub copy .

I see no point in funding dub only release . it only reinforce the idea that it's what we all want .

PS :
I expect some idiot to disagree , but i have a right to own a copy of a game i bought , so in advance screw you :p .

Eamon2885d ago

The dubbed version is most likely going to have crappy voices.

In that case, an undub version is always available :)

But if they simply implement english localisation for menus and subs then I shall import it!

fatstarr2885d ago

@natsu the game would not get that much notice on the hd consoles imo.

+ nintendo is pushing this game as if it was 1st party.
sony and microsoft wouldnt do that.

it has a home on wii. just like no more heroes and games like that.

ChickeyCantor2885d ago

" Just release it with the original language plus english subs"

You kiddos think its all about you.
MArketing wise it might now appeal to the western masses.

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Neckbear2885d ago

Because said companies aren't certain if their games are or are not going to come overseas. That and many of them don't have english writers and translators.

Some do, however, include english subs. An astonishing minority, but it's something.

fatstarr2885d ago

xseed takes risks all the time and it pays off from time to time.

Shok2886d ago

I know man. Subs would be just fine. But it's good to see this being released somewhere else.

phantomexe2886d ago

I would give my right ### for this to show up in the states.

Titanz2886d ago

I don't know about that, but I'd preform a "web-tease" to encourage them in a global localization ;D

lelo2play2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

To bad they only made this for the Wii. If they made a HD version of the game for PS3 or X360 then i would buy it... i wouldn't mind if the game came in Japanese with English subtitles.

tunaks12885d ago

"If they made a HD version of the game for PS3 or X360 then i would buy it"

so you buy games based on the resolution they run at?


lelo2play2885d ago

If the game come out on the Wii and PS3/X360/PC, i would go with the HD version, because it's... well... HD and ... most of all... i don't like the Wii controler (prefer gamepad or keyboard/mouse).

The main focus of a any game is the gameplay, and since the Wii controller affects the gameplay in a bad way (my opinion), so the Wii version is non optional for me.

... and yes i did have a Wii for a few months but sold it simply because i did not like it.

Mahr2885d ago

"i would go with the HD version, because it's... well... HD and ... most of all... i don't like the Wii controler (prefer gamepad or keyboard/mouse)."

For the record, Last Story supports the Classic Controller, and the Dolphin community will probably have the game running in HD shortly after release.

Now if only they could do something about the whole Moonspeak thing...

CrescentFang2885d ago

Woah, why did this guy get a disagree? He was only explaining some stuff.

kesvalk2885d ago

1 - ppl disagree with everything on N4G

2 - ppl are still blindly thinking that the wii is not a real console, so anything that goes aganist this notion or in favor of the wii, get disagreed with

3 - most of the gamers here are dumb, and keep swallowing the vomit of PR and fanboys and burping here on the comments.

NiteX2885d ago

It's going to be in English some where right? Just download it. It's not like anyone buys Wii games anymore. I mean you shouldn't be with the amazing ability of USB hard drives.

Redempteur2885d ago

NOt gonna lie , i have a HD on my wii ... BUt i still buy the great games .. When a game is great it deserve to be bought ... that's how good companies stay afloat ..

Support the games you enjoy dammit .. by doing so , sequels appears...

kesvalk2885d ago

yep, great and creatives games need to be supported, games that you finish too need to have your support...

most of my games i download, when a like the game, i buy it, but i will not support shitty games (of wich i downloaded many, played for half a hour and never played it again)

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