PlayStation.Blog Team @ the Tokyo Game Show

PlayStation Blog writes: "Just a heads up to all of you: The PlayStation.Blog team is in Tokyo this week holding things down at TGS! What this means is our publishing frequency is going to be a little less than usual this week. We're hoping to get some cool photos, maybe some video and other material from the show that we will in turn share here with you. Until then, hang tight and keep a lookout for something in the near future".

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AznSniper3869d ago

Great news! I hope big announcements will be made through the blog.

akaFullMetal3869d ago

cant wait to hear whats coming for the ps3, dual shock 3 and kingdom hearts and ff7 crisis forever, god wish that is true, hope its the remake, lets all wait and see

perseus3868d ago

Why less than usual? There's a media room set up with wireless access. Theoretically they should be posting MORE than usual.