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Brand New Killzone 3 Multiplayer Video

EU PSBlog: Can’t wait for the official Killzone 3 launch? Multiplayer Open Beta still too far away? Don’t worry, we’ve got something to tide you over! Let this video guide you through Killzone 3‘s third multiplayer map, Bilgarsk Boulevard. (Killzone 3, PS3)

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Dante112  +   1180d ago
Wow, can't wait. Look pretty dang fun.

Edit: Map looks pretty big as well.
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the_best_player  +   1180d ago
looks like a PS4 game
Kon  +   1180d ago
No, it does not
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deafwing  +   1180d ago
blow me side ways baby, kz3 should be fun :D

i love the cqb setting for this map ... looks like this one will be frantic on a full user session! :D

YaY for mindless grenades!! :p
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I_find_it_funny  +   1180d ago
zomg, I want
rockleex  +   1180d ago
Wow! Crysis 2 on consoles got nothing on this! Lol.

The lighting effects, post processing, water, high res textures. OMG!
SasanovaS1987  +   1179d ago
do you hear that sound? my god its like real war
Gods_of_the_Cell   1179d ago | Spam
Retro_Zombie  +   1180d ago
Damn. After comparing Crysis MP vid against Killzone 3... KZ3 fucking kills it! Whoo!

Just look at those textures! Going to tell me Crysis looks better than KZ3 man?! GTFO


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JAMurida  +   1180d ago
@ Retro,

It's pretty sad that all you saw from that was, "Killzone 3 FUCKING KILLS Crysis **2**".

Why can't it just be a really cool video and leave it at that? But no, let's start a pointless comparison of two game's ***graphics***. Just shut the hell up and enjoy the dam game for once.

OT: Video looked pretty sick. Can't wait.
Gods_of_the_Cell   1179d ago | Spam
gta2800  +   1180d ago | Funny
gfves'pktrjbgweio4cfjq23]- [pthlpew[pa

Sorry about that, I was wiping the jizz off my keyboard.
saoco  +   1180d ago
Thas one of the funniest comments i've seen here.
garos82  +   1180d ago
this is looking amazing. i had lots of fun with the KZ2 multiplayer and i can see myself having soo much more with this
Roozium  +   1180d ago
Wow. That one was new. Oh wait...
HolyOrangeCows  +   1180d ago
WTF? Why are there targets that show you exactly where the enemy is through a wall?
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1180d ago
Sniper ability, like Killzone 2. I don't remember how is it called that ability, but they tweaked a little, and now you can see the enemies through the walls.

I hope there is an ability to stay invisible against this.
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plumber15  +   1179d ago
what's up with the blue X on the enemy ???????????????
RedDead  +   1180d ago
Why no recoil? Why hip fire so accurate? What happened to tapping the M82 so it stays accurate?

Edit----What? People complained? I thought the reason it was good it because you had to actually aim and plan out your shots...
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Dante112  +   1180d ago
Recoils still there, just not as heavy as it was in KZ2 (which most complained about). I'll see if I can find that comparision video.

Here you go


Edit: Yeah, people complained about the laggy/weighty movements and how their shots weren't hitting much due to too much recoil in KZ2. It looks sorted now, atleast to me.
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RedDead  +   1180d ago
I see, it just looked differant to me in the K3 vid up there. Aiming down the sights seems a bit more accurate in K3 overall but hip fire seems the same
deafwing  +   1180d ago
obviously ReadDead you didn't play the demo (know it was hard to get into)

but all I can tell you that it's just a better game in the control department but still "feels" like kz2 and works like kz2
Alpha_Gamer  +   1180d ago
This map looks freakin awesome.
IPUMPMYGUN  +   1180d ago
Getting revived backwards hasn't changed?! FFS!
MidnytRain  +   1180d ago
That also annoyed me in KZ2. Getting revived, then getting shot in the back and killed again could be very frustrating.
the_best_player  +   1180d ago
you can bleed out if you wish

edit another video
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MidnytRain  +   1179d ago
Are you talking about KZ3? Because in KZ2, you couldn't bleed out unless the respawn timer hit 0. If a medic found you before then, all you could do was pray you didn't get gunned down as soon as you popped back up.
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KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   1180d ago
1 thing why is hip fire so accurate, but besides that EPICCC.

I didn't have a problem with k2 recoil, I'd love it because it showed skills. The people that complain were those cod (noobs) players that wanted easy kills.
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Dante112  +   1180d ago
Probably and I really didn't have a problem either. My biggest problem though was that I couldn't hit anything down the sights or from the hip with the helghast rifle in KZ2. Glad they added a new sight though.
MidnytRain  +   1179d ago
It was like that in KZ2. Because KZ2 was so weighty, it would be impractical to aim down your sights often, so they made the hip fire more accurate than it is in other games. It gave the game a different syle of play, which I liked. Games that demand that you use your sights all the time are usually twitch shooters, a la Call of Duty.
Burning_Finger  +   1180d ago
I'm Pumped like shotgun.

Crysis What??
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Kon  +   1180d ago
Crysis 2 on consoles will be very average imo.
GiggMan  +   1180d ago
Crysis and Killzone going hard today!
shaqpack609  +   1180d ago
Burning_Finger  +   1180d ago
What's that??

HALO doesn't ring a bell. :D
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the_best_player  +   1180d ago
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BeaArthur  +   1180d ago
I guess that would depend on your preference. Or you could just own and enjoy both.
Killustrious   1180d ago | Personal attack | show
Kon  +   1180d ago
Why not have both? Duh.
Retro_Zombie  +   1180d ago
Halo? Hellno!

(did see what I did there?)

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redDevil87  +   1180d ago
Why trade gold for shit?
hamburger123  +   1180d ago
Why trade Adriana Lima for Susan Boyle?

shit isn't overrated.
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NoBias  +   1180d ago
Why trade gold for shit?
Said the 2 bubble.
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finbars75  +   1180d ago
Halo what the hell is that?or do you mean Gaylo that rings a bell.Why is Gaylo even mentioned in this site where in a different era right now.
EliteDave93  +   1180d ago
Looks amazing!
xryls  +   1179d ago
not only that but the gun sound very realistic m82 is so sweet
tudors  +   1180d ago
Crysis 2 looks much sharper, they both look great, Killzone 2 looks busier but Crysis 2 looks better imo.
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mike9077  +   1180d ago
On PC yes Crysis 2 does look better but not consoles
Retro_Zombie  +   1180d ago
Sharper? Cry2 looks plain and lifeless, also this is a 720p youtube video.

GG/KZ3 are the gods of the cell
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Tinasumsum  +   1180d ago
Why did you get so many disagrees after watching the Crysis 2 video I have to agree with you. KZ3 looks like Gears of War 2. Crysis is 'OMG how is this multi player' pretty. Crysis 2 lighting, resolution and texture quality kills KZ3. I'm sorry
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ksense  +   1180d ago
your extreme fanboyism amazes me. may god bless your soul and give you a ps3 for free bcoz by god you need it so you can stop posting crap like this and actually play quality games.
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Tinasumsum  +   1180d ago
What? I was agreeing with another member.

Grow up
sourav93  +   1180d ago
I'm sorry but I'm not sure which video of kz3 you saw but killzone 3 by no means looks like gears of war 2. Killzone 2 looked better than gears 2. Uncharted 2 (off topic) looked better than killzone 2. Now killzone 3 looks better than uncharted 2 (until uncharted 3 comes out). But I have watched countless Crysis 2 trailers and videos, I'm actually looking forward to getting it, but the console version, both 360 and ps3, don't come close to pc. They look a bit dull and in terms of textures and sharpness, killzone 3 blows crysis 2 (console versions) out of the water. However, If you still think that you're opinion is the actual truth, I'm all eyes for a comparison video comparing killzone 3 and the PS3 (or xbox) version of crysis 2. Peace.
Tinasumsum  +   1180d ago
Nothing matches Crysis 2. Here is some single player 360 gamaplay http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Nothing matches it period
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finbars75  +   1180d ago
LOL the youtube of crysis2 doesnt justify it at all.Reminds me of other boring FPS.On the PC it will look awsome no doubt but on a console not in this life time.I cant figure out why they want to compare a console game to a pc game anyways.Its almost like they have nothing else to play on there pc so they need to overhype a game thats always going to be mediocre.Go back and play your Starcraft or WOW and get over the fact that Killzone 3 showcases a great product.
beavis4play  +   1180d ago
Tinasumsum - you HAVE to be kidding. that vid doesn't come close to the KZ3 MP vid above.
you lost all credibility with that comparison comment. not to mention that gears comparison nonsense........KZ3 engine isn't anything like unreal engine.
there isn't any console shooter that looks as good as KZ3 -and i really don't care what shooters look like on pc since this is a CONSOLE thead.
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BeaArthur  +   1180d ago
Awesome video, you can definitely see that that have increased the movement speed but it still looks "weighty". Can't wait to play it.
Drab  +   1180d ago
Hell no!!! They can keep the double jump throw a grenade crap
enkeixpress  +   1180d ago
Amazing graphics!!

Gotta' love Guerrilla Games
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xewndar1   1180d ago | Spam
TheTruth89  +   1180d ago
my god.....
AllroundGamer  +   1180d ago
by the gods...
ksense  +   1180d ago
by the guerillas....the gods are busy with uncharted :P
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1180d ago
This the first time I've seen a Killzone map or level in an actual bright environment. Every past Killzone maps always had that depressing day time look to it but never the bright and shining day. They should make more maps like these, it "brightens" the mood.
beavis4play  +   1180d ago
you want "happy" war - maybe halo should be your game of choice. lots of blue skies and happy colors there.
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supremacy  +   1180d ago
lol talk about the purple and the green...

But ultimately it all comes down to how accessible and fun the games are.

Honestly what i believe keeps halo relevant are the features and new modes they keep throwing in with every sequel or prequel.

Things like...

4 player co op
Forge+Custom games
Theater mode
Custom games
Lone wolf
Customizable skins
You can even select the weapons you want in a map and their locations in that said map.

It is these types of things for as long halo has them and no other game does that will keep it relevant and selling for years.

In order to say dethrone halo a game in my opinion must not only match it feature by feature but also out do it every other department as well.

All killzone really needs are those features i listed above and add that whole weapon upgrade and perk system of call of duty, along with an easy invite system like uncharted or halos or even call of duty has and you have yourself a clear king.
beavis4play  +   1180d ago
thanks for the comment, supremacy, but i don't need any of those features and i don't want KZ to be like any other game - i just want it to be KZ.........and that's a gritty, violent, intense combat experience with a good storyline and MP.

my comment above wasn't meant as an insult - just as fact. halo just doesn't conjure up a visceral combat experience.
i do agree with your comment on games needing to be fun and accessible.......but that "fun" has to be something the player is interested in. i don't own a 360. but, if i did - i'd go for the gears franchise before halo.....i don't like the asthetics of halo. and i have a huge amount of fun with the KZ games.

and as far as halo selling - i think it has to do with the series coming along on the original xbox when MS didn't have very much (or good) content. when it hit, players picked it up almost by default. with MS quick to realize they had somehting their fans would buy - they marketed (and continue to market to the point of "milking") the hell out of the franchise. it's fanbase continued to grow as more people bought xboxes and it's what it is today. but, the reach numbers are down compared to halo2 and it could be the series is starting to run it's course.
sickbird  +   1180d ago
this looks amazing. It looks alot more polished than 2.
ngecenk  +   1180d ago
man look at those details! i dont think those are textures. i mean you cant fit that much even on current pc. i think it mostly shader, considering ps3 has lots of horse power, shaders fits better
PR_FROM_OHIO   1180d ago | Bad language | show
Arnagrim  +   1180d ago
I'm still annoyed at how effective bodyshots are against ARMORED enemies. Maybe I'm just being elitist as a side effect of playing MGO too much lately but I've always felt that headshots should be considerably more efficient than body shots as far as time it takes to kill an enemy. Not 3 bodyshots doing equal damage to 1 headshot...

On a side note, the game looks amazing and I'll still buy it day 1 .
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redwolf  +   1180d ago
killzone 3 will rule
Azfargh  +   1180d ago
Any xbox fan, please, if u guys wanna compare side-to-side with Halo Reach, be my guest.
supremacy  +   1180d ago
Cmon now theres no need for that like i said to the other guy above.

It ultimately it all comes down to how accessible and fun the games are.

halo is a fun game and we can leave it at that.

Honestly what i believe keeps it (halo) relevant are the features and new modes they keep throwing in with every sequel or prequel.

Things like...

4 player co op
Forge+Custom games
Theater mode
Custom games
Lone wolf
Customizable skins
You can even select the weapons you want in a map and their locations in that said map.

It is these types of things for as long halo has them and no other game does that will keep it relevant and selling for years.

And this is what makes every halo special.

I mean if it were all about graphics than i don't think there would be a shooter out there on consoles that could dethrone killzone not brink, not crysis and definitely not call of duty.
badboy808  +   1180d ago
Sony market this game. call of duty didnt take off untill modern warfare this is the the theird killzone heres your chance.
TKCMuzzer  +   1180d ago
There it is, the saviour to my Black Ops connection hell.
DEADEND  +   1180d ago
I'm really happy that spot on is back in Killzone 3 because it was fun using it for sniping.
Der_Kommandant  +   1180d ago
That video belongs to pornhub
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supremacy  +   1180d ago
gijsbrecht  +   1180d ago
What I like about this video that it is actual gameplay and not some choreographed, techno music enhanced BS clip.
DEADEND  +   1180d ago
Can anyone tell me if spot on is a perk for snipers as well like it was in Killzone 2.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1180d ago
Tactician had spotnmark in the private beta. Not sure if they changed it.
sourav93  +   1180d ago
Snipers can use it. However, in kz3, you can mix and match abilities to the full extent, and you could have spot and mark as a tactician or other classes.
#28.2 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DEADEND  +   1180d ago
Thank you both for the reply and I'm happy it can be added to Snipers as well.
Burackus  +   1180d ago
no unless they change it from the beta spot and mark is for the tac and thats it in the beta you couldnt change abilities with other classes
memots  +   1180d ago
Seriously what is it with the wallhack ?

Looks great but they should dumb down that ability its ridiculously unbalanced.
sourav93  +   1180d ago
its not a wall hack. Its a special ability called spot and mark. And it doesn't mark them behind walls. Only enemies displayed on the screen can be spotted and marked. The mark stays on even after they go behind a wall tho.

Edit: looks like I stand corrected. You 'can' spot and mark from behind walls in kz3. Wasn't like this in kz2. Guess things are a bit different.
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supremacy  +   1180d ago
You have to give the call of duty noobs a chance, i am sure that with all the bad black ops is enduring as of late this game will become their refuge.

That is until another call of duty arrives in November like they usually do and on that same note i will skip another call of duty.

In favor of something else like say...uncharted 3? cant freaking wait, though resistance 3 will be getting most of my time before that.
#29.1.1 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Arnagrim  +   1180d ago
I'm not to concerned about it, there will likely be a lot of changes in the first few months about it.
I remember when I first got MAG and everyone was like, "SMG's have too much range! Shotguns fire doesn't spread enough/is too accurate from distance! LMGs are Overpowered!" and everything was patched to hell and back again.
Believe me, I don't see that ability staying as is very long.
#29.2 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ps3bestever  +   1180d ago
HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Killzone 3 Biggest game of 2011 ?!
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