Vandal: Dead Space 2 Review

The years have passed, and it's clear that Dead Space 2 fails to surprise as did the original, but has managed to reinvent itself. The turning point for the protagonist, his new position, serves to create interest, surprise, and offer much more, the same can be said of the colony on Titan in which environmental. Perhaps some aspects of the story does not look as good yarn as it should, but its plot is very well run and keeps us glued to the screen while permitting nerve.It is tense, and knows how to create such discomfort that istinguishes the true horror of the offal ranker, and finishes the job with an interesting multiplayer, a good additive to enhance its replay value.

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slinky1234562761d ago

to me the first DS wasnt even horror, just an amazing thriller. so i have to agree i wish the franchise had a little more horror even though it is amazing as it is.