5 Improvements For Uncharted 3

Wrestlingrevealed says: As you guys know, I love the Uncharted games, they're not just my personal favourite games of this generation, they easily reach my favourite of all time list. And with the third one hitting the PS3 in November, you can imagine I'm highly excited. As awesome as Uncharted 2 was, there's still ways to make Uncharted 3 a truly stunning sequel.

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Burning_Finger2682d ago

In Naughty Dog We Trust.

PS. I still love you GOD. :)

rockleex2682d ago

How about a boss fight that required you to solve a puzzle at the same time? @[email protected]

redDevil872682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Only improvement i can think of is a couple more boss fights, for me personaly.

ExplosionSauce2682d ago

No need to be pushy. Naughty Dog already said they're doing improvements in several areas.
I say just let them do their thing and I'm sure the result will great anyway.

Monkey5212682d ago

1) Better online is a given... I doubt they would create this game without improving on it.

2) Offline Multiplayer... I don't know how I feel about this. The way the cinematic sequences work in the game, I don't know if having to change between split-screen and full-screen would feel as involving.

3) Innovative Challenges ... of course

4) Less "busy" Work.... this is more of a personal taste thing. I PERSONALLY didn't really consider the puzzles to be busy work.

5) Alternative gameplay methods.... I don't really know what the author is really thinking about. He already named several methods of gameplay that are used in Uncharted, so is this a check?

6) More Sully.... look at the trailer and your wish has come true

Lamarthedancer2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

It would be nice if in Elimination the people who are in chats to there friends are not allowed to tell there friend where the other guy is if one of them dies (since you can view the camera).....because it would be unfair

It made an Elimination match end soon when your just getting into it.....and it's the high powerd weapons everyone races to at the start of the match.

Oh and there should never be any Campaign Co-Op.....we all know how that goes down .....Resident Evil 5 anyone

Pozzle2682d ago

Say what you want about RE5, but the online/offline co-op was fricking fun.

Lamarthedancer2682d ago

Yeah excatly when it was played online it was fun....when it was single player the AI sucked and there were so many C-Op things to do through the game it just felt like you needed to play with a friend to enjoy it.

Survival Horrors don't work as Story mode Co-Op games. If Dead Space was like that it would of sucked

Pozzle2682d ago

You got me there. :D
Personally, I would have loved the option to play as a single player WITHOUT an AI partner following you around. I have no idea why Capcom didn't decide to give us that option. It's not like having Chris on his own would have DRASTICALLY changed the game.

As for Uncharted...I'm not sure how a Campaign co-op could be done, since Drake is (most of the time) a one-man guy. I'd love offline co-op in the multiplayer modes though.

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