Nathan Drake Will Be Returning Beyond Uncharted 3

A lot of franchises are set to reboot in the near future. The Spider-Man movie series is getting an entirely new cast, director and writers, and the characters are changing as well. Devil May Cry has received a lot of criticism for the new "emo" Dante. To a lesser extent, Cole McGrath from inFamous was getting a serious makeover into some sort of skateboarder for the sequel, but the fan backlash was so enormous that developers Sucker Punch decided to change him back.

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TurismoGTR2679d ago

Uncharted is nothing without Nathan Drake!

MarcusFenixITA2679d ago

Uncharted is Nathan Drake! I love to control him ...

pain777pas2678d ago

A game staring Elena with a lot of RPG elements. Talking to townsfolk to uncover the story. You will meet up with Drake at some point but it will be a spin off staring Elean, her character and a new character her husky Scruffy. You can train Husky to fetch, dig and attack. Elena's Camera will be used to gather evidence on different factions in the game. While she is doing all this Drake will come into in the end of course ending up being right in the thick of things. What do you guys think? PSP2 exclusive?

velocitygamer2678d ago

A portable RPG? I like that. If ND do make a psp title, I hope it's a spin off, best to keep the main series on the ps3 for the best.

Pozzle2679d ago

Um...duh? It's a popular series and he's a popular character. Why would ND want to change that? o_O

Cajun Chicken2679d ago

Because they did the same with Jak.

Jaces2679d ago

I think that they'll finish up UC3 then start working on Jak4 afterwords they'll throw us another Uncharted.

That's what I'm hoping for at least.

crzyjackbauer2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

lets just hope uncharted 3 doesent have an ending that involves blue monsters or dead nazi monsters
i was ok on the first UC but on the second one
whats next? terminators?
ND start working on JAK4 now
or atleast gimme an Jak & daxter HD trilogy

Jaces2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

"Jak & daxter HD trilogy"

Hell yes, this would sooth me over till Jak4. One of my favorite series last gen.

About the Uncharted "monsters" and ancient civilization inhabitants, what was so bad about that? It was just throwing a little bit of a Tomb Raider twist in there which isn't a bad thing at all.

It wasn't an insanely crazy twist, just something enough to throw you off guard and keep it fresh. I mean when you go in search of ancient treasures and cities you can't tell me you'd be more than happy to find everything absolutely ordinary with nothing to jump around the corner or silently stalk you?

It'd be a bit boring IMHO.

dragonyght2679d ago

TRU but i dont mind sully getting his own spinoff

Robearboy2679d ago

Personally I wouldnt like this IP to be milked, all of the classics know that you stop at the top otherwise the "franchsie" will just turn into another COD

Orionsangel2679d ago

Nathan Drake and the Guardian of Bud Light!

ElementX2679d ago

Mentioning Nathan Drake and that cheap sh!tty beer in the same sentence is blasphemy. Why not drink a real man's beer like Sierra Nevada or some micro brew?

Orionsangel2678d ago

I needed a beer with light in the title.

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The story is too old to be commented.