IGN: Dead Space 2 Review

"Dead Space 2 is more than just an action game and it's more than a survival horror game -- it's a game that tells a really personal story about a guy who has been seriously scarred by the events around him. That premise alone makes it interesting, but Visceral Games melds it with rewarding combat, shocking enemies, and huge set pieces before tossing it into a world that's truly creepy and scary."


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gillri2588d ago

dead cert purchase on day one, cant wait

TurismoGTR2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

9/10 ... LIKE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we please get some 9.7 or something?

ps3rider2588d ago

if its Xbox exlusive they would give it 9.5

renegade2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

IGN now rates by 5 for example 9.0, 9.5, 10 they give up the by .1 increments rating. Maybe the game would be a 9.4 if the old rating system still present ...

NateNater2588d ago

Who cares what the score is. Good or bad it won't stop me from getting this game day one.

DS2 = One of the best horror games ever!

ksense2588d ago

that comment was not needed ps3rider....

redDevil872588d ago

They dont do that .7 stuff anymore.

Its a whole number or at .5 added to it

Darkfiber2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

It was docked marks for story structure and the pointless multiplayer mode. 0.5 each gives you the 9.0 score. Completely understandable. No games are perfect.

joydestroy2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

yep i don't really care what score anyone gives it. it will be on my doorstep come this tues

it's good to see what people like/dislike about it, though

also, 10hrs sounds perfect to me! much longer and i prob wouldn't have finished it since i don't finish most long games (ME2 being a big exception)

Michael-Jackson2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

20 point system. Example, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0....9.0 ,9.5, 10.

Good score, I will buy this game after LBP2 and MvsC3.

Headquarters112588d ago

Meh. This game is a rent, especially after playing the Beta. Setting doesn't seem to have changed much either.

AntoineDcoolette2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

What's wrong with people? God i remember when perfect scores were super rare and I'd only see like one a year in Game Informer magazine now everyone wants their most hotly anticipated titles to get 10s like nothin'.

Anything that is 8 and above is a good score and a good game.

BTW does this review contain spoilers? I heard the GI one did so I didn't bother reading it.

TheDeadMetalhead2588d ago

"Maybe the game would be a 9.4 if the old rating system still present ..."

And not a 9.5? brb canceling pre-order.

Insanelyman2588d ago

Man what a baby your are. 9/10 not good enough for you. jeez

darthv722588d ago

it freaked me out to some extent. I need to play the first to understand the second or will this game bring me up to speed?

I could go get the first for cheap i guess but I really want to play this one after having played the demo.

doa7662588d ago

this comes in two DVDs for the 360

EVILDEAD3602588d ago

Dead Space was a horror fans dream. Easily one of my favorite gaming experiences this gen. I would play it every night around 11pm until I finished the CLASSIC ending.

I didn't even want to play the one..GameStop preorder.

I'm glad IGN loved it..lookks like the franchise may get some mainstream love

Life is good to be a gamer...


starchild2588d ago

This game is one of my most anticipated. The first one is one of my favorite games this gen. A 9 is an extremely good score. People need to get over this retarded mentality that a good game has to get a 10.

Sony3602588d ago

N4G needs to start banning people who complain about scores. Especially when they're good scores.

Jesus I want to hit you right now.

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hennessey862588d ago

and its goin to be killzone 3 but ill rent dead space 2. The wallet it a little lite ofter christmas

phantomexe2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

The averge review for medal of honor was a 7 ,so i past on it. I picked it up about 3 weeks ago cheap and the damn game is better then black ops. Yes i'm jumping off the COD bandwagen. I've got this distrust for reviews. I'm on the fence about killzone like you are about deed space.

hennessey862588d ago

about medal of honor i picked it up recently too and it is a great game. I think u misunderstood me i loved dead space 1 but i cant afford to buy 2 and killzone 3

vsr2588d ago

Why PS3 version is also the same score ( With Extraction )

egidem2588d ago

100 more hours people! 100 more hours and we can continue Isaac's necromorph killing saga!

showtimefolks2588d ago

but this game will get all high 9s its that ign gives about everything a 9

Vherostar2587d ago

Not gonna bother thought the first game was terrible (my opinion don't take as gospel DS lovers!) and too many games for 2011 anyway without adding this to my list.

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Kakihara2588d ago

Anyone know when this comes out in the UK?? I want to catch the edition with Extraction without preordering if possible and since IGN went to shit I can't find accurate UK release dates for anything. Thanks in advance.

Kakihara2588d ago

Thanks my friend, you're the bomb diggity or whatever the hip kids are saying these days.

Vherostar2587d ago

Seriously your asking this?? Check any game selling website like etc.. for the release date or look out your window its on billboards EVERYWHERE in UK.

hellomrhieu2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Is it me, or does this review suffer from terrible writing?

Rich16312588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Yeah it was very vague and basic. Where were the details?

Darkfiber2588d ago

Of course, it's written by a fat kid.

SuperStrokey11232588d ago

I want to read this review so bad but im not going to, could contain something spoiling it.

marioPSUC2588d ago

Cant wait to play this game. Tuesday is taking forever to get here now. Cant wait to kill me some necromorphs