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Submitted by Pozzle 1847d ago | interview

Milla Jovovich talks about being hated by Resident Evil fanboys

While most fans can separate the Resident Evil films from the games and enjoy them for what they are, others will curse anyone and everyone involved.

As the star of these films Milla Jovovich - who plays Alice - knows a thing or two about this. We sat down with the Hollywood A-lister and had a chat about Resident Evil: Afterlife, the series and fan response. (Culture)

Pozzle  +   1847d ago
Here's a quick summary of the interview, provided by

- Milla Jovovich demanded her superhuman power to remain intact in RE Afterlife, but it was Paul [WS Anderson] who persuaded her to change her mind. In the end, they settled for a compromise where Alice will have her power stripped but still gets to be a badass in the movie.

- She originally requested to be cast as Jill Valentine in the 1st movie because she want to surprise her brother, who was a RE fan. It was again Paul Anderson who convinced her that it wouldn't work because it will stop them from reaching out to the audience who ain't fan of the game series, and that they don't want to get stuck using Capcom's storyline.

- Regarding the fans backlash, she talks about how there are like 15 people in the world that passionately hates her. When she tell them to write the script themselves instead, she claims that these people will then argue and disagree themselves.

- Alice was created so non-fans can jump into the movie without knowing the history of the character.

- There are many fans of Alice and the RE movies from what she sees on her twitter.

- She loves being a part of the RE movies because she "was always a fan of really strong female characters growing up"
TurismoGTR  +   1847d ago
The Resident Evil movies sucked ever since #2 came out. They started having Dragonball Superpowers and shit. Retarded!
I_find_it_funny  +   1847d ago
I don't even remember what RE2, RE3,... movies were about, what that tells you, but I know exactly how RE1 was
Redempteur  +   1847d ago
RE1 wasn't great but it wasn't a bad adaptation ..RE2 , RE3 however ...dammit what did they do ....
ThanatosDMC  +   1847d ago
Speaking of Dragonball... the Dragon Ball movie sucked balls.
Blacktric  +   1847d ago
"When she tell them to write the script themselves instead, she claims that these people will then argue and disagree themselves."

If her stupid husband pays my expenses (for food and bills, nothing else), I'd be happy to write a better script that'll blow their worthless minds. Anyone, with or without experience, can write a beter script than that stupid egotistical bastard. He butchered Resident Evil, he f*cked up Aliens Versus Predator and now he's going to do the same for Castlevania.
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LastDance  +   1847d ago
Yeh, but Resident Evil games have never been really well written anyway.

The first two had a thriller/mystery aspect to them which really is what made the games for me.
smashman98  +   1846d ago
Lol the games had good stories but bad scripts,
along with awesome scares and fun gameplay

when i watch the movies i cringe...
because its horrific in all the wrong ways
Yes_2  +   1847d ago
I don't understand the second point. How is Alice more relateable than Jill Valentine? Alice is an infected superhero Mary Sue who can take on goddamn NEMESIS with her bare hands, while Jill is a regular woman who fell into in a shitty situation. GUESS WHO'S MORE RELATEABLE, PAUL!!

And so what if the audience has never heard of Jill before? AS THE DIRECTOR IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INTRODUCE HER TO THE AUDIENCE!!
It's not like Jill has a deep and complex character history in the first place. She's a member of the elite STARS force and works at the Raccoon City police department. That's it! That's all you need to know about her at the beginning of the movie!
UnwanteDreamz  +   1847d ago
Dude the RE movies are what they are. Love or hate em they make $$$. I personally can take or leave them. I can think of worse game based movies.

Anyone see Doom lol


Milla will always be cool in my book. She did The 5th Element so she can be in crap movies cause she gets a lifetime pass from me.



Man a guy can wish can't he? I watched it the other day on Netflicks and I am always left wanting more when I do. Glad I was unaware they made a game cause I might have bought it.
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FragMnTagM  +   1847d ago
Man I loved that movie. I really wish they would do something else based in that universe. It was a really believable future. Hell, even a new game based off of a character in the movie could be pretty bad ass.

That game they made with the movie back then was absolutely horrible.
nnotdead  +   1847d ago
feel the same about Milla. i also enjoyed the first RE movie. i was going into it expecting a really bad video game movie along the line of Doom or House of the Dead, but instead i was giving an enjoyable popcorn movie.
iceman06  +   1847d ago
I agree and...believe it or not...I think she is sexy! A little thin for my tastes, but still very sexy!
RedDead  +   1847d ago
We don't hate you, just the producer. They just give resident evil a bad name, because they are just Ok to bad films and are hardly horror so the fans see it as a missed oppertunity(be a much more successful horror/mystery imo with Umbrella and that) but they had to take the action movie route....
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Buffniceguy  +   1847d ago
I never hated on Alice. Resident Evil 1 is the best one love that movie but the rest are pretty awful.
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EliteDave93  +   1847d ago
Wanna take her in the arse!
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ReBurn  +   1847d ago
Now that's true love.
BX81  +   1847d ago
I wit you PAC! Let's take this dame to pound town!
adrock2099  +   1847d ago
Well Milla, maybe if the movies weren't horrible abominations that spit in the face of everything Resident Evil stands for, people would be less inclined to hate you and your terrible-at-directing husband.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1847d ago
These movies just murdered the franchise movie wise. Revamp the whole damn thing. Do a movie just like Resident Evil 4 in a dark, foggy forest with my man Leon. Make the village people crazy as hell and Leon running all over the place trying to get away from the mob to survive.
Yes_2  +   1847d ago
I'd love to see a movie of the first game. The STARS members going into the forest to investigate the "cannibal" murders, discovering zombies, getting trapped in the mansion, and slowing unravelling Umbrella's secrets...ending with the twist of Wesker's betrayal.

It's pretty much a movie plot already :)
KotC  +   1847d ago
The first movie was the only one that was any good.
Wolf873  +   1847d ago
So please explain this. How is Alice more capable of reaching out to new audience than any of the game characters? Sure we gamers would recognize the character on screen, but there is a thing called character development that is specifically there to explain who that character is. Even if they had gone with Jill or Claire, they would still need to develop and explain her character. For that matter they could have altered her (Jill or whoever) history to suit their movies and still keep the new audience and fans happy. So how is it different than developing Alice's "innocent" character, though I would hardly call her character innocent, as opposed to a character from the games?

I don't hate Alice as a character, only thing that irks me is how she clouds the game characters and how her superpowers have dampened the impact of the movies.

I still enjoy those movies, but not as true adaption of RE games.
Pozzle  +   1847d ago
I agree with you on the "clouding the game characters" part. It bugged the hell out of me that the Chris vs Wesker fight scene in Afterlife was directly ripped from RE5...except Chris got into trouble and Alice had to come save him AND take on Wesker. WTF?! piss off Alice. Chris can deal with Wesker on his own. >:(
Hozi89  +   1847d ago
The RE films are a far cry from the games in terms of lasting appeal and horrific vibes.

Seeing as how they intentionally wanted to change the feel of the game, I don't mind too much.

However, if your going to actually follow the story of the game, then give me the same level of quality terrifying moments dammit!

I noticed how each new RE movie is less scary than it predecessor.

NOTE: For what it's worth, I'd prefer to watch video game adaptations from this guy than UWE BOLL. He needs to seriously retire man!
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ATiElite  +   1847d ago
The first few RE movies were pretty good but.....

Resident Evil Afterlife, this shit was horrible on so many levels but amazingly it made $294 million dollars world wide so a 5th RE will be made.

I just hope they make a better script and get away from the corny "super powers" by bringing RE back to it's roots.
KotC  +   1847d ago
I wasted $12 on that stupid f**king movie. Bad movies like that make me want to support piracy, only reality and my conscience keep me in check.
ATiElite  +   1847d ago
Well if that was a service the company would give you some coupons or a discount next time round. If it was a product well you could return it and get your money back. But it's "Entertainment" and although we both were not entertained there's no refund or discount and Hollywood is not in the "Customer Service" business.

Soooooo Hollywood owes YOU one! I'm just glad I didn't waste one penny on that horrible movie (Resident Evil Afterlife) but....... I did go see Inception 4 times in the theater so it all works out. :)
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smashman98  +   1846d ago
lol congrats ur part of the reason part 5 will most certainly happen
outwar6010  +   1847d ago
the movies were good and she played her part well; its these fanboys who are incredibly sad
TheGreat_1  +   1847d ago
This is usually the consensus between the "casuals", the only reason why the fanboys are upset is because the movies are nowhere close to the roots of the game. They could of slapped any title for the movies with no ties to the RE series at all and nobody would know it was based off RE.

Any fan of any series would be upset about this, there's suppose to be some kind of homage.

I agree, I wanted a RE1 (game) movie adaption, it had a great plot, great characters (Not including voice acting), and all the ingredients of a great movie. This was actually in the works until the project got scrapped and the original director got fired.

I really wanted the movies to be a horror-action genre and not a full on over-exaggerated action flick, much like how the games are going ala RE5. I was a huge RE fan (RE1 and 2 being my all-time favorites) when the series was survival horror, now I barely follow it since it's gone to over the top action with no horror.

Last but not least, they are actually suppose to be rebooting the series, making it more of a horror, but of course this was the original path to the movie-adaption until it got scrapped and this POS director got hired.
outwar6010  +   1847d ago
well anyone with half a mind would know that those games have far too much source material to condense into a 2 hour movie slot coherently. So its permissible that they create new stories within the universe to tailor to that.(Imagine fitting a 15 hour game into 2 hour the amount pf story lost would be considerable
TheGreat_1  +   1847d ago

RE games may take ~15 hours to beat, but do not consist of 15 hours of story. You could easily tell the original RE game story in 2 hours.

Not sure why you're trying to insult me with the half a mind comment, which doesn't even make much sense, wouldn't it make more logic to say half a brain?

Creating a new story within the RE universe is one thing, but completely creating a new universe that doesn't relate much with anything RE is another.
punisher99  +   1847d ago
The movies are more of a spin off to the games if anything. Simply because Alice represents everything that the T-Virus was meant to be. She's a super soldier. But unfortunately, not in any of the earlier games did we see what happens when the T-Virus actually works the way it was meant for. So in a way, the movies are kinda a spin off series from the game.
ApexHell  +   1847d ago
i am resident evil fanboy and i love the movies and her lol.
anasurimbor  +   1847d ago
The movies are enjoyable just because they're so incredibly dumb and have nods to the games. Alice is probably the worst part though.
ryan_s  +   1847d ago
milla didnt ruin resident evil capcom did and devil may cry is next on their list and street fighter is a lost cause
oneangle  +   1847d ago
Coincidentally, I just watched Afterlife yesterday and I'm at a loss to find the right words to even express a fraction of how I feel about it. Only watched it cause I saw the first 3 (damn BS cliffhangers) and now I'll probably end up watching the fifth...goes without saying I'll spend no more than a couple bucks renting the upcoming abomination.
Bounkass  +   1847d ago
Attack of the fanboys! Noooo!
LoneWanderer09  +   1847d ago
The 1st one was EPIC, but then they just started doing shit and they will continue doing shit
Masterchef2007  +   1847d ago
I find her extremely attractive. One of the main reasons why i watched the movies was cause shes in it. Hmmm wonder if they sell anything of hers on Ebay lol jking
bligmerk  +   1847d ago
The last one brought Chris and Claire Renfield together and the actors are pretty close to their game characters. The movies aren't great but they aren't that bad with some game tie-ins like zombie dogs and Nemesis. Most movies based on video games are awful and some unwatchable, so Resident Evil the Movie has done pretty well. No matter how many people say how bad they are, they all make a really good profit just from box office and their profits from DVD/Blu-ray and international box office guarantees there are going to be more. They do now have the opportunity to have a storyline closer to the game versions.
soundslike  +   1847d ago
of course N4G comments prove her right...

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