Amazon PS3 Game Blowout: Demon's Souls or 3D Dot Game Heroes - $14.99 Shipped + More

"Amazon has price-matched many of the games that Newegg had on clearance as part of their PS3 Game Blowout!


Demon's Souls Greatest Hits - $14.99 + Free Shipping
3D Dot Game Heroes - $14.99 + Free Shipping
Eternal Sonata - $16.39
Plus MORE!"

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VersusEM2433d ago

That's a lot of cheap rpgs.

guitarded772433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

That's a lot of awesome RPG goodness for a low price.

Lirky2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

$20 gift credit from amazon from pre order lbp2 standard im temtped to buy all 3 lol.

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PirateThom2433d ago

3D Dot Heroes is definitely worth picking up.

Rage_S902433d ago

this man knows what hes talking about trust me

Omega Zues2433d ago

Holy! No seriously, if you havent you need to pick these titles up! Extremely good deal!

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