Japanese PSP Slim TV Spot

Plug the new PSP into your TV and your good to game on the big screen.

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nasim3866d ago

It is very likely that after watching this you would want to play FF7 /GOW PSP on a 71" TV at 480p.


Now thats a death blow to DS.

take that Nintendo. No sane person would buy DS over PSP after this ad

BloodySinner3866d ago

I own 2 Nintendo DS Lites and one PSP. This ad is meaningless. The Nintendo DS has more games and is cheaper ($$$).

goodganja3866d ago

Sweet! This is how a true handheld device is suppose to perform like. Those MicroBoys are still playing around with their Zune. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frances-the-Mute3866d ago

whoa! calm down, u gotta be zen, i know u support sony, show some class, blow some steam online, own the noobies!

kenjix3866d ago

When you're ready to play with the big boys give us a holla, until then it's best you stay in the sandbox.

BloodySinner3865d ago

I already play with the "big boys". However, I hope you weren't referring to yourself, because you certainly aren't one of them "boys".

akaFullMetal3866d ago

well yea the ds is cheaper, but the psp has some great games on it, alot really, and some sweet coming, possible kingdom hearts, devil may cry, and god of war which we know, so lots of cool games, plus ff7 crisis core, and whatever else square enix has

goodganja3865d ago

The PSP is the industry's most underrated handheld in history.