Wipeout HD Fact Sheet

Sony has revealed a ton of details about their Wipeout "best of" compilation coming to the PlayStation Network later this year. Some of the features include:

*PS3 – Get ready to experience Wipeout in full-HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second on PS3, exclusively available for download from the PlayStation Store. Greater processing power of PS3 enables more immersive visuals and sound effects in Wipeout HD, heightening the speed within the stunningly beautiful tracks and environments.
* AI Pack Racing – Wipeout HD introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) pack racing to keep players under pressure and on the edge of their seats.
* Online Multiplayer – Up to eight players will be able to compete against each other in a range of online races

More features at the link.

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vaan3897d ago

This is going to rule. I can't wait.
PSN just keeps getting better.

akaFullMetal3897d ago

yea, i wonder what we get this thursday, the last two weeks have been full of demo's and a few games, cant wait, and cant wait for wipeout hd

Trick Nolte3897d ago

wish they would hurry up! cant.... wa...wait much :D

Kleptic3897d ago

definite must own for me...

still haven't played one that I liked more than XL...although I never played the WipeOut Pure (or pulse?...whichever the already released PSP wipeout is)...but online WipeOut will probably be as good as it sounds...

scheme_a3897d ago

I agree. XL is definitely the best for me as well.
What I've read so far (aside from this article) suggests there aren't much courses at least from this initial release from XL.
Which is kind of sad.
I wish they release remixed XL tracks and songs (don't remix those.)

duger3897d ago

some of you are right - since XL (2097) only pure was good (I interpreted "pure" as back to the roots). there were some kiosks running this game on GC and it is nothing like old good 2097. it reminds me crappy Fusion or strangely unplayable Wipeout 3... it's a shame - 2097 is imho best racing game ever made.

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