Independent manufacturers now jumping into European Blu-ray waters?

In what could be perceived as a small yet groundbreaking move for the Blu-ray format, disc manufacturer Infodisc just signed up as the first independent Blu-ray disc manufacturer in Europe.

While Infodisc's allegiance to Blu-ray per se isn't going to make much difference in the format wars, the fact that Blu-ray opened to the independent sector may make or break Blu-ray's potential to win.

HD-DVD may be easier and more affordable to churn out, but with small disc producers like Infodisc helping out Blu-ray, its entirely possible that production costs for Sony's flagship format will go down.

The support of small, independent disc manufacturers will most certainly make a large impact in the outcome of the format wars. Do watch this space for more updates!

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nasim3836d ago

expect 200$ BD player within months

and also 200gig BD disks within months too

Format war is now over and for good reasons