New Army of Two Trailer "Behind the Masks" in HD

This amazing new trailer for Army of Two shows the main protagonists behind their masks, showing what it's like to do what they do.

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Bazookajoe_833925d ago

I was hyped about this game when they showed the first trailer, but got a little dissapointed on some of the new ingame clipps. But this looked sweet..

kennyfisterbotm3925d ago

I dont care what sytem you have, this game is going to look bad ace. Man I cant wait until it comes out. Later people

Noodlecup3925d ago

The 2 main characters look so unoriginal and lame, more and more often do main characters in promising games look like something out of WWE Smackdown Vs Raw

Tribal tatoos and scars? give me a break it looks like crap

BrownPowerzz3925d ago

I think Gears of War's ingame cutscenes looks better than this pre-rendered trailer. And is "scarface" blushing in the beginning of the video?? :D

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