Sony Defense Force Fails Funny "In the wake of the brilliant Halo 3 Museum ad and the equally brilliant send-up of said ad, the Sony Defense Force figured the most unique way to strike back at the attention Halo 3 was getting was to create another send-up, only lacking the brilliance and the funny."

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nasim3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I am sure after looking at that VIDEO all halo 3 pre-orders would be cancelled in NA as well. It has none in JAPAN and elsewhere.

Look at the TOONY characters of HALO3 in that video. compare those with ultrarealistic KZ2


KZ2 would be out within 7--8 months not 1 year

we would be having Gt5 and FF13 by then as well....nails in x360s grave

snoop_dizzle3904d ago

the problem is we have to wait a year. :(

Feihc Retsam3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

If the Halo 3 "reality" footage was crap, the spoof would have been pretty funny, but in general, it didn't really make a strong point by comparing graphics.

God forbid we do a side by side of the original E3 Killzone 2 trailer and the actual Killzone 2 footage.

and @ Nasim... "Nails in Xbox360s grave" ???? LOL- retard
Halo as a franchis is proven to be a great playing game with tons of replay value that will ensure that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of gamers will still be playing on Xbox Live in 2-3 years.

Compare that to the legacy that Killzone has...

Killzone was a mediocre FPS. Although Killzone 2 is looking brilliant so far, the gameplay has yet to be proven as a success.

Eye candy is great for screenshots and press converence buzz, but when a game hits store shelves, it better be a great game to play, or it will end up like LAIR

jaja14343904d ago

Normally I wouldn't care to respond to you but...
Yes its toony because thats its style. Kind of how Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Heats, and various others are "toony"
Not everything has to look realistic to have good graphics.


It's funny how Sony screwed you over & you love them for it. Using vastly inferior arcitecture & bottle-necked ram so that Sony could keep costs low enough & delay the release of the PS3 just to Trojan Horse you with a dreadfully slow 4X BluRay laser & a cell processor dismissed & abandoned by both Apple & Microsoft.

With no titles that have reached the critical acclaim or sales records of 2006's GEARS OF WAR or 2007's BIOSHOCK (Next will be MASS EFFECT) a year after PS3's late release, watching Exclusives consistantly & continually lost to M$, game delay after game delay, inferior multiplats on a system that is more 'powerful', framerate issues, no rumble, no achievements, pitiful selection of demos & content, lost Betas, a far inferior online gaming experience, watching Sony get busted lying to you over & over, getting crushed in software sales, & consistantly outsold at least 2-1 in hardware sales, paying $600 for the #3 console... it's just sad. It seems the Sony kids are either too dumb to realize the obvious truth, or too proud to admit they were wrong.


I'll enjoy the biggest console game release in History next week & soon after that I'll be indulging myself with a brand new Trilogy 50+ hour Exclusive with True next gen graphics, all on dvd9 & in 2007 - Bioware's next GOTY = MASS EFFECT.

Enjoy eating the 360's dust PS3 fans, or wise up.



snoop_dizzle3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

talking about cartoony graphics. What is warhawk then? Its a fun game but graphically it is sorta cartoonish. Just pointing that out there. Thats not even a bad thing though you would say differently.

and the year was an estimation stupid, you know just in case the release date gets moved or something.

Twilightx73904d ago

Another Nasim comment on a Halo 3 related video? Funny, everytime I check into one of these stories, your comment is buried. Do you simply live off the hatred?

Maybe if we all start agreeing with him, he'll just die.

In relation to the video, congratulations to SDF on editing copyrighted material, using Halo 3 footage from a multiplayer Beta build and a pre-Alpha build, and otherwise making themselves look like mature adults. The Halo 3 hatred is rampant amongst devout Sony fans.

Daxx3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Hey Nasim, could you PM me your house address. I want to pay you a visit.

sak5003904d ago

Dax "Hey Nasim, could you PM me your house address. I want to pay you a visit. "

I know where he lives. Actually its a hidden area and only is exposed when ken takes a shower. That's right, nasim is the left nut of ken.

stonedog3904d ago

but you can not play it till next year!!! Halo style is different but it looks fantastic to. As far as I can see the video spoof says more about PS3 lack of games than it does about Halo3. It just reminds me that the most expensive console has no compelling reason for me to by it right now. But maybe in 2008

Douche3903d ago

It's hard to believe that almost everyone didn't realize the fact that not only were there pre-alpha builds of Halo 3 shown in the video, there were pre-alpha builds of Killzone 2 shown in the video. *Hint Hint* By the way, why the hell would they compare the final build of Halo 3 to Killzone's pre-alpha build??? Imo, Killzone's current build looks several times better than Halo 3's final build. I would know. I got to watch most of the leaked videos before they got removed by a Microsoft copyright the sources were guilty of. Since I don't really care about Halo's gay plot and finale, I watched the videos and got proof for myself of how underwhelming the game seems in it's entirety. I'd rather be in the position I am now of playing games like UT3, Haze, Uncharted, Orange Box (two of which are exclusive for "at least" this Winter and one of which the PS3 is guaranteed to enjoy solely), till the time comes for Killzone 2 in it's outstanding entirety (you've witnessed only a taste of the campaign and multiplayer is rumored to be out of this world - a real-time constantly changing battlefield based on who is in control). Screw those who say crap like Sony lies 'cause you've got it wrong my friend. Sony delivers.

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RadientFlux3904d ago

I agree it wasn't really all that funny or creative

ATLRoAcH3904d ago

The music score was good and Killzone 2 is going to be awesome and unlike
halo there will be more Killzones.Halo 3 will be better than this made it look though and thats coming from Sony only gamer.I played the first Halo
at a friends house all time a long time ago but his Xbox crapped out.

Vavoom3904d ago

A couple things comes to mind when looking at this video:

1. Halo3 has Sony's attention
2. Sony must be afraid of the Magnitude of the HALO3 Launch
3. Sony is still copying and using other peoples materials instead
of creating from scratch.
4. Pathetic
5. "Unbelievable", just unbelievable

randomGuyOnline3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Vavoom, your're an idiot, what the hell does sdf have to do with Sony. Just because the website has the name Sony in it doesn't mean its run by Sony. I mean, damn, use your brain the next time you feel like typing.

Besides, Sony Defense Force is just a website thats run by a bunch of monkeys. They're just moronic fanboys looking for attention and hits to their website. I seriously can't believe anybody in the world is in love with a company that much, to actually make a website that just bashes the competition. I think the website is a joke and will take it as such.

Synex3904d ago

1. Of course Halo 3 has caught Sony's Attention. How can any business run successfully if they don't know their competition?

2. I would it's more like they are studying their competition...

3. Oh duh, I forget MS is the most unique company out there, well besides copying the MAC idea with Vista securities, and making a gaming console after so many other companies have done it before. Oh ya and trying to steal iPod sales with their Zune.

Your last two comments aren't even worth replying to.

Vavoom3904d ago

I bundled you two together because you're not worth individual posts. Okay "RandomOnlinebuttnugget&q uot; you're first. You call me a moron because I said the sonydefense's response to halo showed that sony was afraid. Your reply was that Sony has nothing to do with (Or whatever their name is) If they were selling nude pictures Sony would put a stop to them in a heart beat. But, since they are splurting out a BS pro-Sony campaign, Sony's cool with it. Because of that Sony is allowing them to represent them to some extent. So, the point has some validity.

Now, you call me out and call me a MORON, let me ask you this. How the hell do you think you are connected to Sony in any way that you need to call me a MORON on their behalf. What the F*ck makes you think your anything special. You're the frickin Moron, you ignorant jerk! Besides saying that Sony is afraid, I don't think I said anything negative about Sony, but here you come to their rescue! Guys like you discuss me, you took the SH!T too far by calling me a MORON, you don't know me and it's probably a good thing that you don't.

All I can say to you is this. I may be a MORON, but you can lick these NUTS!

@Synex - Microsoft is not running ipod commercials and then displaying the zune logo at the end. Microsoft didn't add motion to their controllers after the wii did it. Microsoft didn't claim that rumble was not important to hide the fact that they were being sued over it instead of coming clean. Microsoft didn't jump into digital distrobution of movies on their online service to cause Sony was doing it. Sony has always copied other peoples things. PERIOD!

Also genius, one can't copy good security. Do you lock your door at night. If you do, then you must be copying someone that locks their doors. JUST STFU!

As for the last two comments, you didn't respond to them because there's nothing to say about them, just as there shouldn't have been for the first two from YOU!

Later Haters!

randomGuyOnline3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

What's your deal? Why are you so angry? Did I hurt your feelings that much, cause if I did, I apologize.(Sincerely) I thought I was responding to an adult not some 13yo kid who can't take any criticism.

I read your reply and you know what, your right, I don't know you, and I shouldn't have written what I wrote. But you must seriously be misinformed if you believe Sony has anything to do with SDF.

All I said was that Sony has nothing to do with the SDF website. Your're stating that Sony could stop the website if they wanted. Well, there is something known as freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. SDF can call Sony a piece of crap company, make up bs about the company, and Sony couldn't put a stop to them, even if they wanted to do so.

Also, from what I read it seemed to me that you believed that Sony had something to do with the video. If I misunderstood what you wrote I apologize. However, if I understood what you wrote correctly, then you are misinformed, and need to lookup who owns and runs the SDF site. It should be on here somewhere so look it up.

Icecold333903d ago

I can totally see where Vavoom is coming from. It's not a question of whether or not he can take criticism. You called him a moron and an idiot. That's not criticism its mortification.

Then you say "cause if I did, I apologize.(Sincerely) I thought I was responding to an adult not some 13yo kid who can't take any criticism."

That's funny, cause I'm an adult and I would have been offended by your response also. I guess I must me as immature as a 13 year old myself. Not to mention your implying that he was acting like a 13 yr old once again is offensive. Over half the people of this site would have responded to you the same way.

Anyway, it's not really my argument, I just thought your comment and your response to his comment showed arrogance and disrespect. Don't get me wrong though, vavoom's response was pretty over the top also, but I understand his response to you more than I do your intial response to him.

randomGuyOnline3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Hmmm....I see what you mean. I may have come down a little too hard on him. It's just that these type of comments really get on my bad side, especially when somebody writes something that is completely and utterly false. I'll take note of this and tone it down a bit. I like this website alot and want to remain here in the future, but some of the articles are downright retarded.

Thanks for the advice, its really appreciated. I'll make sure to tone it down in the future. It's always good to get another persons point of view.

Bubbles for you, my friend.

Icecold333902d ago

Hey man, thanks for your response and thanks for not flaming out on me when I butted into you conversation. You are definitely more of a gentleman that I initial gave you credit for. It's good to see some people on this site actually are able to carry on a mature conversation.

Bubble back at ya bro.

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Firewire3904d ago

I laughed so hard!
But besides that, MS set themselves up by trying to go with a serious emotional type commercial for a video game. I'm just surprised Letterman or Leno or something didn't eat up that commercial.
Personally I think the original commercial & the SDF spoof are both stupid.

Marona3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

It's called sense of humor. What ever happened to that? I didn't find it funny but some did, everyone has their own way of laughter.

Other than that, Mike Fahey is quite a anti-PlayStation person. I'm glad Crecente and a few others still in there.