U.K. iPhone unveiled on O2 network

The wait is finally over--Apple has officially unveiled the U.K. iPhone, which will be available to buy from November 9. Steve Jobs himself made the announcement from the Apple store in London, to which Crave were invited cordially this morning. As expected, it's on the O2 network and we won't be getting the 4GB version, we'll only get the 8GB one, which will set you back 269 pounds (about $537) including VAT

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Rama262853927d ago

I feel this phone could have been an 'all-rounder' by having a better camera built in. With 5 mega-pixel phones now out here, the 2 mega-pixel on the iPhone looks a bit skimp. I think they missed a trick there.

But other than that, is there a single thing you could complain about the iPhone other than the price? I don't think so. Can't wait for it to be honest.