Halo 3 Media Kit Unwrapped has received their Halo 3 media kits. Pictures are included of what's inside this black tin box. What on Earth does Microsoft have up their sleeve? Well here's the first ever look at a game pamphlet outlining the history of Halo 3 and where they are heading with the series.

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Daxx3595d ago

I love the art work that's inside it. :)

caffman3595d ago

a guide to how to review it in case the reviewers don't "get it" and give it low scores?

DrunKao3595d ago

For Bungie's sake there better be. They should just let old people review games instead of these reviewers who proclaim to be gamers. Then you wouldn't have to worry about them "understanding" the controls.

Caspel3595d ago

No it doesn't contain a guide.