AtomicGamer gives 8.9/10 to Heavenly Sword

Finally another great review of this amazing game.

This is what the reviewer said :-

Ninja Theory and Sony have done an admirable job making a game in the style of God of War without turning it into a shameless clone, but the guys at WETA really brought Heavenly Sword to life. The action is great, too, and those who play and replay these kind of games to master them will be happy with what they get: chapter and segment selection, ratings based on your performance in a given level, many unique combo opportunities, a super-hard difficulty level, and unlockable perks all based on fighting skill. If there's one thing I really have to complain about, it's that this game will feel short for those who will only likely play through it one time. But other than that, this is an excellent action title with an engaging story, massively detailed characters with a real human quality to them, and plenty of ass-kicking to go

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LSDARBY3901d ago

Ive got to wait until the end of the month before i get this. Ive been watchin cut scenes on youtube (even though i shouldnt lol) and im really hyped it looks awsome.

nasim3901d ago

You should get this one for sure.

It is the best looking game on any console out there

Blasphemy3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Dude stop watching videos on youtube go and get the game already! I have to say from what I have played this is one of the best games I have ever played. Actually it is the best game I have played this generation. The presentation, combat, and graphics just make this game unbelieveable. Any PS3 owner should own this game.

doomsonyman3900d ago

this game is getting good scores all across the board