EMEAA Weekly Chart for Week Ending Jan 15th, 2011

VGC reports this week top selling hardware in EMEAA region for the week ending Jan 8th, 2011 is as follows:


Wii 120,151 (-41%)
PS3 115,856 (-37%)
DS 99,068 (-41%
X360 95,325 (-33%)
PSP 61,920 (-27%)
PS2 31,103 (-28%)

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Cyrus3652614d ago

PS3 just taking charge in Europe, almost beat Wii too.

demonddel2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

all of a sudden vgchartz matters now WOW JUST WOW THATS ALL I CAN SAY

Motorola2614d ago

Just because one person thinks its legit doesnt mean "it matters" you trying to start a flame war? If you have been on this site long enough, you know this site is BS no matter which console is in 1st.

Washington-Capitals2614d ago

Im not f#cking fanboy but LMFAO! We accept vgchartz only when ps3 is winning? Wow, N4G users get fu#king real!

Masterchef20072614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

your right knowing VG charts the 360 is probably lower and the PS3 is probably higher lol not trying to troll here but they have a history of under-tracking and over-tracking numbers by ridiculous amounts. Like the time when they were 1 million off of a certain console.

KotC2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

LOL look at his comment history and read his anti VGC comments now he supports it.

Can we say flip flop or hypocrite?

MaximusPrime2614d ago

good to see all hardware and software selling well in Europe.

it looks like 50/50 in Europe for both Xbox 360 and PS3. Well done to both.

of course this is all rumours and cannot be trusted.

Stealth20k2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

seems like kinects effects in europe are over...... and it never even began in japan

seems like business as usual

Kon2614d ago

WII sports is still selling?

cochise3132614d ago

That's only cause it's bundled with the wii.

Kon2614d ago

damn, i forgot lmao

Masterchef20072614d ago

At least its better than Kinect Adventures. They could of just bundled Kinect Sports instead of that turd of a game. Adventures sold more that it deserves.

Bigpappy2614d ago

It is showing everything is down for the week. PS3 has LBP this week. Lets see if that could move the numbers pass the wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.