Why game music matters

Chas Koeneke writes: I'd also like to comment on Totilo’s reasons for turning down Red Dead Redemption when he did. Totilo's article makes it pretty clear that he had played for a decent amount of time before trying this new, quieter method. He’d probably already gotten a feel for the ambient Wild West soundtrack Red Dead Redemption offers.

On a long trip across the countryside -- which he could’ve skipped if he'd wanted to -- he may not have been interested in giving the game his full attention. He wasn’t in the middle of a mission, wacthing out for important dialogue, or seeing anything particularly new on his horse ride. Why not listen to a podcast or two?

I’m guilty of the same thing: When I'm messing in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit or chasing down flags in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, I'll put on an episode of the Giant Bombcast and tune out a little. But what I think Totilo fails to realize is that moments like these don't demand the player's undivided attention.

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BLACKBOIJONES2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

IMO God of war games has the best music ever.

cochise3132074d ago

I love the casino stage's music.

presto7172074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

I love Storm's theme song from Marvel Vs Street Fighter. Brings back all the memories. Also love Fallout 3's main menu theme. I would just idle and let it play through. Unreal Tournament and God of War also have awesome music.

EDIT: Oh yeah and Megaman 9!!

the_best_player2074d ago

Also Half Life 2, Killing Floor and GTA Vice City

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4.

Dramatic, Symphonic and Epic.


IMO God of war games has the best music ever.

BLACKBOIJONES2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

IMO God of war games has the best music ever.

EDIT:-- Triple post. Mistake...My lap top crashed

cochise3132074d ago

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night had the greatest music score in any video game. Music matters a lot.

VenomProject2074d ago

Yes! Symphony of the Night wins hands down for me.

I have the entire OST on my iPod. Wandering Ghosts is one of my personal favorites.

Vesemir2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

A game without good BGM is a half game. The Witcher have the best sound track in the world. Adam Skorupa rules.

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The story is too old to be commented.