Eye of Judgement arrives in beautiful box + movie footage and screens

Games Radar received delivery of a rather fetching Eye of Judgment press pack, which you can see in the image below. Contained inside its four drawers was everything needed to play the game, including magic cloth, deck of cards, PlayStation Eye and, of course, the game disk. Also contained in the box were some fresh screens and a new movie, taken from the game's introduction sequence.

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mighty_douche3836d ago

in Eye of Judgement much, but i want the new camera soooo bad!

is it wrong i wanna send the dudes on my friends list a picture of my ass?

nasim3836d ago

However millions of Japanese and american ps3 owners would be buying the game no matter what.

I havent seen anything more cooler than that.

SONY is on a roll here. The PSP -TV connectivity has seen PSP sell above DS for the first time in EU and JAPAN

TooL 3163836d ago

i always wanted to get into card games but this seems as if it will be time consuming, and i don't have that much time...

achira3836d ago

this game is awesome. especially when you touch the creatures and they react to it, this is next gen!

goodganja3836d ago

Playstation Eye + Eye of Judgement = PWN

PS Eye > XBOX Live Vision

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The story is too old to be commented.